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Thread: Any flightsim aficionados?

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    Any flightsim aficionados?

    Any flightsim aficionados?

    X-plane or FSX?

    What machine do you run it on?

    I've developed good navigation skills, not surprisingly since ŕ love sailboat navigation. However, I have only basic skills at operating the aircraft. I need to acquire a good recent program. I've chosen X-plane 10 on which I'll be piloting only recent large planes: A340-50-80, Boeing777-87 and the new Bombardier C series that has the amazing RC Pro Line Fusion avionic suite. I can't run it on the machine I use, a Macbook pro, 2010 model. So I need to buy a computer able of some minimum rendering.

    Any suggestion for the machine? Anything suitable on the Mac OS platform, short of a the beautiful but expensive Mac Pro? Or should I go with a PC?

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    Flying a drone, does that count?

    Oh! You're looking for recommendations... I used Microsoft Flight sim quite a few years ago (I believe something around 2006-2007. Back then one of the most important factor to consider was the graphic card. I ran it on a top of the line DELL PC, and it was great.

    I believe you still need to make sure you have a good graphic card, like a nVidia GeForce or AMD Radeon with good on board memory, but most cards are quite powerful nowadays anyway. One thing for sure, I wouldn't try running FS - got to love this acronym, but I meant FlightSim you pervs! LOL - oops sorry I distress, need to focus, so I was saying, I wouldn't try running FS on anything lower than an i5, if not an i7, but that's just me.

    Flight Sim is very nice, and if you go and buy a yoke and the pedals with it, it's awesome! You'll love it!

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    Ho well, Iknew I'd get an answer from a US citizen going to work in Nevada from where he operates drones killing people all over the world lol. I did use a flight sim during those year. I think it was called Fly, not anymore available. She retired if i may also digress. It ran perfectly on a 2003 Macbook pro. Nothing compares today. Flight Gear is slow as hell on my macbook equipped with it's standard GeoForce graphic card. I've already chosen a yoke the CH FLIGHTSTICK PRO.

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    Quote Originally Posted by gugu View Post
    US citizen going to work in Nevada from where he operates drones killing people all over the world lol
    That must be the funniest thing I ever heard or read about myself! US Citizen? Nevada? killing people! LOLLLLLL

    By drone, I meant this:, or this:

    You can still kill people with it, if you crash it by mistake on someone on the ground! But it's definitely not the goal when you buy one! LOL

    Regarding the intial request for info, sorry but I cant help more than that.


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    Did I say some kind of military man? I meant a bohemian photographer exploring his back country. lol

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