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Thread: Ad campain on Montreal buses

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    Ad campain on Montreal buses

    Noticed today an ad on a Montreal bus announcing that buying sex is illegal in Canada. Had a picture of a woman in the face of clock or watch. Have others seen it? I wonder what members make of this. Is this the start of a coordinated program to apply the ridiculous new law? Will LE efforts be stepped up? Or is it to dissuade youth from thinking about it?....

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    You're referring to this

    it's part of the 'Buying sex is not a sport' campaign

    I agree with them, it's not a sport, it's a fucking hobby

    It is the competitive nature of certain pastimes that raises the question as to whether they are sports or hobbies. A sport could be defined as a competitive activity that can be performed by an individual or team that is played against others for entertainment purposes. The activity typically involves both physical exertion and skill.

    Meanwhile hobbies are understood to be activities done alone or with others in one’s spare time for personal enjoyment. While certain hobbies can be done competitively, practically all sports function on a timetable laid down by an organization responsible for governing all related competitions.

    Compare that to competitive hobbies that are done in one’s selected free time.

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    In France, the organization Le Mouvement du Nid created an escort agency called "Girls Of Paradise" as an anti-prostitution campaign.

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