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Thread: Newbie hobbyist looking for advice

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    Lightbulb Newbie hobbyist looking for advice

    Hi Guys, I will be booking my first SP this week, so I wanted to get some advice from all of you.

    I had some questions..
    - when you meet SPs for incalls, do you give the cash before or after the session? and in an envelope or as is?
    - do agencies accept credit cards as well or cash only? I have reached out to a few of them, some have replied, others haven't
    - anything I should do/know as a newbie to get the best out of the experience?
    - any etiquette/rules I should know about or follow?

    Any other general suggestions are welcome as well.

    Thanks for your help and advice guys.

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    I usually pay cash up front as you run the risk of the girl being uncomfortable. Most agencies train the ladies to ask for it and not open the door to a possible "sex and run" by you. I usually leave it in an envelope in plain view.

    Never pay with a credit card and leave a paper trail of an illegal transaction. Always use cash. Cash is King.

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    Thanks EagerBeaver. Really appreciate the advice.

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    Cash for sure, and discreetly offered up front; an envelope in plain view, as EB says.

    I would also go with a well-reviewed SP, either an independent or reliable agency--not someone "new to the business," not BP. You can find plenty of great options by looking at the reviews here. Tell her at the start that you're new; I think I said this in another thread recently, but she'll pick up on your nerves anyway and it will make her nervous until she knows the situation. Let her take the lead. It'll be a blast.

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    Look behind you.
    Be squeaky clean and polite.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sol Tee Nutz View Post
    Be squeaky clean and polite.
    also be shaved I guess

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    Look behind you.
    Once you get comfortable with seeing escorts try and broaden your adventures, the next step would be to learn the crab over mountain stance and parade naked before the encounter. I had to give this up because my balls were handing in my eyes and I was just bumping into walls and breaking things. If you master that PM me and I will give you phase three. And yes, I found new cereal that is pretty good.

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    Do your research as to who you book. Pay cash and up front. Let the young lady know this is a first for you, that you are nervous and let her take the lead. Make sure you are groomed, shower and teeth brushed. If a shower is offered, take another shower, she will appreciate knowing you're clean and will reward you for the extra effort.

    Good luck and post a review
    " You actually get to choose your friends, family.........well..."

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    Quote Originally Posted by John S. Black View Post
    if you can afford it take a 2 hr and take your time to make her feel comfortable and get a connection
    biggest complaint most sp's have said to me is when they walk in the room and not even the door closed and the guy starts to grab at her.
    Good advice indeed. A lot of SP told me the same, about guys jumping on them like a dog would attack a rostbeef!

    At first I always ask the girl to keep her clothes on, that I want to slowly discover all of her. I would usualy massage their back, neck, lower back before slowly moving on their ass and legs, all while removing a few clothes here and there. This is probably the part I like the most, and it's surely the part the girl like the most. I take the first 15-20 minutes for that part. Some like to chat or have some wine, which is also fine, but I am not really into that, I prefer giving them some massage


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    Always make sure they pay when you arrive.

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    Whatever you do, with an incall, remember to take your penis with you!

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    Did you learn that lesson the hard way?

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    I'm not sure a two hours session is a good idea for a first start. If there's no chemistry whatsoever between you two, you'll probably end up watching the clock, waiting for it to be over. I do agree on taking a few minutes to do small talk at first. If you post to ask advice for your first time, there's a good chance that you're pretty anxious about it (and it's normal), so I would suggest an hour at most. If you have access to viagra, take some to give you confidence (if you sometimes experience erectile dysfunction). Do not drink alcohol or use energy drinks either. Follow the others' advice for the rest and you'll be fine. Keep us informed!

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    I tend to try and find out what the lady likes to drink ahead of time as well. If it is water, so be it, but I try to be as prepared for the encounter as I can be.

    Bring your own condoms just in case, and don't forget the lube.

    I do some research ahead of time as well. Look at the pics if they have, read the reviews, if they have one.

    Contact the Agency (Do not go for anything but a well known and reviewed agency) and ask what you want to know. The booker can generally give you a good idea on what the girl looks like (if no pictures). Use your judgement.

    Remember that the girls, more often than not are YMMV, do not expect porn sex from every girl, do not expect a girl to only lay down as you do her in missionary either. Communication is key and do not be shy to ask the girl questions either. Sometimes you never know what a girl is willing to do or not, or if it takes a bit more cash.

    Bring a bit more cash than you need. I tend to bring twice the amount, sometimes you just click and 1 hour session turns into you wanting 2.

    Do make sure you are clean, smell decent or not smell at all. If incall, she will likely ask you to shower before you touch her. Be prepared, make sure you shave (groom yourself) and brush teeth well before the meeting.

    Most of all, have fun. Good Luck!

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    Another good suggestion is go buy a copy of Chester Brown's book "paying for it". It is funny, informative, and a lot of what is depicted in the book has happened or will happen to most of us.

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