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Thread: GF expressed interest in being an escort. I have Qs

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    GF expressed interest in being an escort. I have Qs

    Hi all,

    My gf recently expressed interest in being an escort. She is super hot and young and exotic looking. It kind of turned me on, to be honest but I wouldn't want her to just go in and try without me being present or me making sure she is okay with it. Basically I'd like her to slowly try it and see if we're both comfortable with it. Is that even possible? How would we go about it? Any advices from people who have been there before?

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    I have certainly not been there, but it's an interesting (and potentially complicated) situation. Have you seen escorts together as a couple?

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    The question is: what are her motivations to be an escort: sex, money, etc?


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    It turned you on? The fact that she might meet a client like the one Victoria joli got turns you on? Yes you want to be cautious about, make sure she's gonna be ok, but how?
    If you are looking for an extra flavor in your couple life go to sex parties, private parties, threesome, hire a male escort for her. Even pimps when they start having feelings for the girls they pimp they try to find them a way out!
    Anyways it's your life, your girlfriend...

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    So, maybe the right model for her and you for an experience will be to act together like you were her booker/driver.

    I don't know what kind of experience she is thinking to have, but the better she will be prepared, the better it will be, in the sense that's a lot of work to build all the "tools" it is required to make it well and safely.

    The best advice is to look at what others are doing, what are the conventional things made in Montreal, and just realize that to be independent (and not in agency) will permit her to choose who she is going to meet, and be more rewarded for each encounters she will be sharing.

    *tools: website, advertisings, be registered of few boards and sites listing the good/bad clients.

    Yes, there is work to do! Bonne chance! Good luck!

    Don't improvise. That's my best advice.

    -And by the way, there is no way to "try it slowly at first" : It is you're doing it or not.

    And I won't give you any further advice because we don't know who you are that much.
    Just make your homework.

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    Quote Originally Posted by View Post
    ...My gf recently expressed interest in being an escort. She is super hot and young and exotic looking...
    If true, then what are you doing here on MERB?
    Rick: He escaped from a concentration camp and the Nazis have been chasing him all over Europe.
    Renault: This is the end of the chase.
    Rick: 20 thousand francs says it isn't.
    Renault: Make it ten. I am only a poor corrupt official.
    Rick: Louis, whatever gave you the impression that I might be interested in helping Laszlo escape?
    Renault: Because, my dear Ricky, I suspect that under that cynical shell you're at heart a sentimentalist.

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    It's true cuz i was an ex-hoobyist. I don't take part in the game anymore but I guess here is the best place to come for escort advices lol

    Her motivation is purely money although she is a nymph and love sex. I guess she gets turned on by it too

    I didn't expect so much negativity from here. I am seriously reconsidering now.

    who is Victoria joli and what client she got? Am I supposed to know all about this?

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    I don't think there's negativity here, just realism. It's not like she wants a job taking tickets at the Bell Center. There are obvious risks to her (health, personal safety, legal implications, possibly psychological) and, of course, to your relationship. My hope is always that the women I see like their work, but I never underestimate the demands and difficulties. I rather doubt that it will turn out to be a turn-on for you both, at least long term, but it could happen. If it were me, I'd turn to established SPs rather than the clients; engage a few, either for private sessions or social time. Of course, if it were me, I wouldn't do it.

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    If youre girl is interested in a tryout I am a volunteer! (thus I will still pay of course).


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    Sorry if my comment sounded negative to you, if the situation was different I mean you are dating an escort and asking for an advice on that I would say sure go for it as I would! But this is different... most SPs retire for a reason I guess, they wanted to try a challenge and it's over, they found love, they Want stability, etc. But it's the opposite here. If it's for money, and you are willing to take the risk at any price, go for it but don't get into pimping your gf and think it turns you on. I met a Romanian girl in Spain last month, she told me she had a boyfriend that was turned on by the idea that she's being banged by other men, she said she found that weird and was one of the reasons they broke up!
    check the outcall forum for the recent experience of Victoria. keep in mind that most bad experiences goes untold on the forum (girls don't write about their bad experiences, i wish they did!). Good luck

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    Quote Originally Posted by jalimon View Post
    If youre girl is interested in a tryout I am a volunteer! (thus I will still pay of course).

    If jalimon is not satisfying her properly put my name on the list to satisfy her nymphomania

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    I get what you are saying but we have a weird relationship. I'm her dom and she is my sub. Also i had her gb and 3 some and loved it. It only enahnced our relationship. I get that it might not work in a normal relationship.

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    I want to let know to my fellow Merbists a little thing important:

    All Indies (vast majority) , when we receive a demand to meet a couple as client, will talk to the lady of the couple to verify the validity of her willing to indulge.

    I think here we should apply the same principle: of course, the fantasy of the man is clearly explained, but if she is really willing to do something, that will be to her to make her path through it.
    He stated that he dominate her, so, this is a major red flag for me.

    That's not a man to choose and make the action to bring his girlfriend doing it, it's HER BODY, HER RULES. That's it. If she really wants it, she will do it by herself. No need someone else to exploit and direct, because THIS IS ILLEGAL, just a little reminder.

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    Maria, re read my first sentence.

    My gf recently expressed interest in being an escort.

    This is her idea not mine. This is not how dom relationship work. I appreciate your concern but if I was a bad guy looking to make money off of her I wouldn't be here asking for advice

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    Hello all

    Short term impact
    Quote Originally Posted by View Post
    It kind of turned me on,
    Other short term effect "cash flow" increases dramatically if she is successful? by your saying
    Quote Originally Posted by View Post
    She is super hot and young and exotic looking.
    She then should be .

    Long term ?it is very difficult to maintain that type of relationship,jealousy ,mistrust ,specular offers from rich clients or make believe rich clients ,better lovers ,better affinity ,etc....... often comes in the way .

    Each person must accept the consequence of their choices ,however it is for a short while a amazing ride .



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