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Thread: Which is the Best Place in the World for a Hobby Trip?

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    Which is the Best Place in the World for a Hobby Trip?

    Considering quality and local prices (but not including travel costs), what is everone's top choice for a hobby trip in the world? Amsterdam? Thailand? Rio? Costa Rica? Cuba? Other?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ExoticSpirit
    Considering quality and local prices (but not including travel costs), what is everone's top choice for a hobby trip in the world? Amsterdam? Thailand? Rio? Costa Rica? Cuba? Other?
    Speaking from personal experience, I'd say Buenos Aires, Germany FKKs and Montreal in no particular order. But then again, it depends on your taste. I prefer blondes and brunettes.
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    Thailand Best for Service

    I haven't hobbied much but did do Thailand several years ago and just in terms of unrushed service, Thai girls were the best anywhere. Even from some of all your reviews of Montreal girls, there are cases of clockwatchers and rushed services. Not so in Thailand at least from my week there. Also, the service one gets at their massage places are legendary. They truly pamper you with the whole package including bath, dry/wet massage and sex making men feel like real kings for a very reasonable price too. I doubt that we would get that type of service in North America unless one pays a fortune. I went to Costa Rica but my experience was limited there so I'm planning to go down there again for a fuller experience. Always wanted to try Cuba, Rio, Amsterdam and even Nevada but haven't yet. Although Montreal might very well be the top place in North America for hobbying, I don't know how it stacks up to some of the international destinations.

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    Thumbs down Magical Madrid...

    There is an amazing bar in Madrid that I went to once five years ago. Guys, there is nothing else in the world quite like it. Picture a 12 to 1 ratio of ladies to men - and the ladies are all hot Spanish and Brazilian SPs that frequent the bar every night. I was buzzing that night but I remember clearly what happened. We walked in this bar and the doormen looked like tree trunks. The guy I was with knew them well. So we walk in, grab a table and order our drinks. I am freaking out because it was a warm August night and the ladies were all dressed to kill and hot as hell.

    I immediately noticed this stunning brunette but she wasn't easy to speak with. She did not understand English and my Spanish is sketchy. Then, this little Brazilian babe came to sit right next to me. She was smart and spoke English. She was also hornier than I was! She needed some TLC! At first she told me that it was a while since she had sex, which of course I didn't believe. But the way she attacked me in the hotel room afterwards led me to believe that maybe it was a while since she got laid. It was incredible sex (no DATY but lots of passionate kissing and intense sex)!

    Actually, the whole experience was incredible. I love everything about Spain and look forward to going back real soon. But if you ask me one bar in the world that is a must visit for hobbyists, it is this one in Madrid. I've never seen anything quite like it.


    P.S. Total cost: Taxi: 15 euros; Drinks: 60 euros; An hour romp with a gorgeous Brazilian SP: 300 euros (expensive but worth it); and the whole experience: priceless!!!
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    what about paris ?

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    San Jose

    I know that lots of Americans go down to San Jose in Costa Rica where the SPs in massage places which are really brothel bars go for average $40-50 US. The famous Del Ray Hotel has some of the most beautiful women in all of Latin America pretty well 24/7 but many will quote $100 US at first. I've seen the place and there is certainly lots of eye candy there but didn't participate at that time. Next time I will as I know that many, but not all, will go down to $80, even $60 US. Some hotels down there charge a $10-15 guest fee while some don't.

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    International Hobby Destinations

    I`ve been fortunate to hobby in several places around the world, and I will vote for Montreal. Why is that? In my experience, girls in other countries don`t often give `s, and certainly not CIM. I find that I always get a in Montreal, and can often get a CIM. Anyway, here is some more specific info:

    Thailand: Great place with lots of girls and good prices. Don`t expect to speak alot of English with your partner, though. Best girls will cost more, and you may have to reserve them ahead of time.

    China: I`ve gotten girls from Karaoke clubs and ``Saunas`` in China, and almost always had a good time. Usually the Chinese girls don`t like to give blow jobs, but I remember shooting my load in the mouth of a girl in Xiamen, so YMMV. Also, Asian women generally have pretty tight pussies, which is a plus.

    Prague: I took a girl home for the night from Pink Dolly, and she spoke English very well. We did it three times, including a final BJ with CIM before she left. Many of the bars, though, had ratty looking girls, and some of the women I did were happy to see me finish and take my money. I think there are better places.

    Germany: Berlin is great, and I found a great club there that I went to repeatedly. Not all of the girls were five star, and you couldn`t expect CIM, but I would go back there any time. In Dusseldorf I found a good club where you can pick a girl at the bar, and I was able to find some 7 or 8`s on a scale of 10. Many of the girls were from Turkey, Poland, etc. but some were very nice. Another time in Dusseldorf I found a Czech girl from an agency that could have been a Playboy centerfold, and we got together every night that I was there. I`ve had less luck in Munich.

    Copenhagen: Asked a cab driver where the best place was to go, and he took me there. Did all three girls before the night was over. As usual, don`t expect . But some strong women (not small like in Asia) and some strong sex.

    Paris: Don`t bother.

    Meanwhile, back in Montreal, the girls often like to drink wine and be seduced. You can get to know them, and your time with them can be something more than a commercial transaction. I have made friends with several girls in Montreal, and I see them outside of their agencies. The best onces know that I like CIM, and that is a regular on the menu. I can visit for a few days, stay in a nice hotel, and see girls at my hotel. That is a little trickier in Asia (I had a watch stolen by a girl that came to my room in Shanghai) and the places that you go to get the girls are not usually very fancy. So as much as I enjoy hobbying when I travel to other places, I still enjoy the rendezvous that are possible only in Montreal.

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    Cool Hungry Duck bar in Moscow...

    A buddy of mine when to this bar in Moscow last year and it just blew him away. He told me these pics and videos are nothing compared to the real thing:

    Check out the free videos too:

    Apparently, they do not let men in before midnight and there are all sorts of SPs there looking for tourists with cash. Ah, what would Comrade Lenin have to say about the way things turned out? Who cares, let him rot in hell.

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