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Thread: A rose by any other name

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    A rose by any other name

    You`ve seen them in the fanciest of restaurants and most exclusive clubs.
    Beautiful, intelligent and charming young women who instinctively target rich vulnerable (often nerdy) men.
    They are not escorts and rarely have sex with their "victims". Yet they make more money than most escorts.
    They flirt with and charm their mark, until he is snared like a lobster in a trap.
    Once he is trapped there is no escape....she will milk him for all he`s got and when she is finished she`ll dump him in a heartbeat without a moment of empathy.
    The rules are set by her, early in the relationship. Example no kissing till the 5th date, no sex till the tenth. Expensive restaurants and very expensive gifts are requested for small favours. The guy is swept away by her and agrees to everything untill the inevitable moment when she dumps him and finds a new victim.
    While this hasn`t happened to me, I`ve met girls who practise these tactics and let me just say that their acting skills would put an academy award winning actress to shame.

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    Famous words

    I believe the legendary P.T. Barnum once uttered the famous words:

    "There's a sucker born every minute."

    Doc's opinion about this: "Men are weak. Very, very weak."

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    I would be interested to know if my experience is typical or not. I have found that, without a single exception, unless we at least kiss with passion during our first date, we never have sex.

    In recent years, if I am unkissed after the first meeting, there is no second or I ask myself if I want to be a buddy. In the latter case, it's coffee, cheap lunches or bill-splitting.

    I accept that I must have missed out on slow-developing romances with women who, on principle, don't get physical early in a relationship, but I don't get taken either.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Doc Holliday
    Doc's opinion about this: "Men are weak. Very, very weak."

    It's not that men are weak; it's that we are no match for females...they are far superior to us.

    GG's opinion: Always treat a lady with class but never allow yourself to be any lady's doormat, regardless of how hot she is. The best women appreciate a man that can assert himself and disagree with them from time to time.

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    On self-confidence and pure love

    Quote Originally Posted by Big Daddy Cool
    GG: I think you are so right. Most of these men are weak and lack the confedance to disagree with them. That's when theses blood suckers know they have you by the balls.

    All men do stupid things when they fall hard for a woman. I remember when I was younger, constantly chasing the "love of my life," I would often get disappointed because there was no equal response. I would get so depressed if things did not work out.

    And then "BOOM" - I got the hammer over my head that gave me perspective on life that I'll take to my grave. If I could go back to talk to myself I would tell myself: "Relax, don't chase them...let them discover you."

    We are all insecure creatures - clients and SPs alike - and our insecurities manifest themselves in the all sorts of ways. Pure love is beautiful - I mean beautiful - but if you are enthralled with someone who abuses your kindness and doesn't respect you, you're better off staying single.

    "But GG, what if she leaves me? I am too scared to live without her"

    So what? Life is not just about pleasing her every need, it's about growing with someone who respects and loves you. Remember if you do not respect yourself, don't expect others to respect you. Don't disagree with someone just for the sake of it but don't be afraid to stand your ground when you feel the need to. I guarantee you she'll respect you a lot more.


    P.S. Some risks in life are definetely worth taking. Risking to love is one of them. But make sure you risk it with someone who is also willing to risk it for you.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Maxima
    One name comes to mind: Anna Nichol Smith
    Bill Maher referred to this by showing a picture of her "husband" and said "NEW RULE, if you sleep with someone who looks like this, you SHOULD get 100 million dollars."

    Really though, I agree there are plenty of dispicable goldiggers out there looking for weakminded men to exploit. Thats why its a shame that prostitution is illegal in the US, if these men had a way to release their sexual frustrations for a small fee they could avoid being taken to the cleaners by unscrupulous women who hide their own wicked form of prostitution behind a fake morality. Porn and masturbation is always preferable to a girl who walks up to you with her hand out every day of the year and never puts out.

    That being said, if you allow them to use you its your own fault. Like the old saying "Screw me once shame on you, screw me twice shame on me."
    "I can picture every move that a man could make
    getting lost in her loving is your first mistake

    Sometimes I think its a sin
    When I feel like I'm winning when I'm losing again"

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    agreeing with GG

    There is an essence of being a man. Now that I'm older and wiser I learned and realized that my confidence is everything. If I go out on a date , paid or not, I would not let myself be taken advantage of. What ever I do or what ever I spend I do it knowingly. Not because I have to. There is a thing called pride and as a man if you lose your pride no woman will respect you. It is better to go home alone then to beg, or "play the game". As a rule if there is no sparks by the second, there is no more phone calls. Women claim to have a guy their equal but in the end they want to be a guy who is confidence and a take charge kind of person. I'm not saying that guy should be a wife beater, or an arrogance a hole. A person that know who they are, what they want, and at least make some decisions. The reason why most guys "play" the game is because they feel that they cant do any better and they are afraid that the woman that they are with will leave them. Their confidence or lack of enable them to look beyond what is in front of them.

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    Don't "play" dumb

    Quote Originally Posted by pookiebear
    The reason why most guys "play" the game is because they feel that they can't do any better and they are afraid that the woman that they are with will leave them. Their confidence or lack of enable them to look beyond what is in front of them.
    Unfortunately, the same can be said about women. Fear is the primal feeling that governs most of our actions. Fear of being alone is very terrifying to some who think their whole essence is being with someone else even if deep inside they know that this person is not right for them.

    I had a buddy of mine who was dating a bitch. He was rich, good looking, smart but she had him by the balls. One day he was tired and told me: "I am thinking of leaving her, I deserve better."

    It was about the nth time I heard this familiar refrain. I exploded:"Alright already, dump this bitch and move on! I can't bear to see you lose what little self-respect you've got left! If you have not done it already it's because subconsciously you like being treated like shit!"

    He was so pissed off at me, he stopped talking to me. But a few months later he finally did it. He then called me to tell me I was right and he shouldn't have taken it so personally. I told him that I understand but I just had enough of watching a good buddy of mine being put through the wringer.

    Life is way too short to put up with bullshit. If you're in an abusive relationship, move on and never look back.


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    what I rtell all my guy friends.. when shit happens to them by a woman

    "when God created woman.. he gave her the most dangerous weapon in the world.... PUSSY!!!"

    and we as men.. can say no..1..2..3 times.. but after the 4th time.. you're like.. ok.. I'll do whatever she wants (to an extent of course) if it means I can go for some fun

    words to live by.. and women know it

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