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Thread: New York to Montreal

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    New York to Montreal

    Hello merbites! I am taking a trip from New York to Montreal soon and was wondering if anyone of you could recommend some stops on the way, either hobby related or otherwise.

    During my trip I plan on seeing atleast 6 providers and will be sure to include reviews of my encounters.

    Thank you

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    I would check out the Magic Forest in Lake George, NY in Adirondack Park, which features the Tallest Uncle Sam and Rex the Diving Horse.

    I would also stop to eat at a diner or two for a nostalgic feel:

    Of course, all of this sounds lame compared to what you'll be doing in Montreal.

    But then again, we can't have those heathen escorts tearing at the moral fabric of The Empire State.

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    Thank you so much for your info Mr. Bond. How about once I cross the border, are there any strip-clubs I should see on the way to Montreal, or should I just get to the city as fast as possible (to those lovely escorts ) ?
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    Personally, I would stay away from the strip joints and go straight downtown.

    You may want to check out the Strip Club part of this forum.

    Yes, in the strip joint, you have the advantage of seeing what you're getting, but from reading the reviews in the SC forums, it seems that the strippers tend to charge more (much more) than the SPs for service that is rushed and not very private.

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