Bonjour everyone.
It's Tanya in Regina starting a lil thread to find out some information on your beautiful city.
I am coming down for a vacation with family from
Aug 25-27th
and would like to know the most reasonably priced hotels under $100 in the downtown area. If there even are hotels that cheap DT.

I don't care if it's fancy, as long as there is a working a/c.

Or are there cheaper hotels just off the downtown strip that offer tours etc for reasonable prices.

I am not familiar with your city & coming from lil ole Saskatchewan, I am going to be lost as hell.

The more information I can get from you the better off I will be.
Trying to keep it simple.

So, is all the action as far as nightclubs, shopping and tours Downtown?
Would like to check out danceclubs such as:
Hip Hop

Also looking for a Middle East area. Such as Afghan & Jewish Deli's.

Are there going to be any Concerts happening around the time I will be in Montreal?

Going from the Airport into the city. How long a drive is it?
Which is the cheapest way in, and how much?

When I leave early Monday morning on the 28th, how busy is the Airport in the morning and how much time do you suggest arriving to the Airport prior to take off.

Any information/links will be greatly appreciated.

Merci Montreal


Tanya in Regina