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Thread: where to buy wine and beers in QC

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    where to buy wine and beers in QC

    Hello, gentlemen:

    This will be my very first time to visit Quebec, very excited. I have pretty much narrowed down the places to visit, agencies to call, etc. One thing I don't know is where to buy wine and beers. Last year I was in Ontario, also for the first time, it took me a while to realize that I needed to go to LCBO to buy a bottle of wine. Is it the same in QC? I did a little search on Google and, but did not find much. Any info. will be greatly appreciated.

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    Wine & beer


    Alcohol resale is regulated in Quebec like in Ontario. You can buy wine at any SAQ which are controled by government. You can find cheaper wine in grocery store or convenience store call depanneur. The last two sell beer as well.

    Enjoy !

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    Cheaper Wine

    The cheaper wine mentioned in the preceding post is of very poor quality.

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    Thanks a lot

    Thank you very much for the information, guys. I will definitely enjoy your great city.

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