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Thread: Gentlemen, keep it in your pants. (recent lower gas prices)

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    Gentlemen, keep it in your pants. (recent lower gas prices)

    This week I have purchased gasoline for 93.4 per liter. When the world prices were at 72.15 US per barrel. These recent prices do not reflect the high world prices.
    The reason for the lower prices are that the storage facilities for crude oil and refined gasoline and petroleum products are at near full capacity, and there are crude oil tankers at the ports that are full as well as other tankers steaming towards Canada with prviously purchased crude oil.
    There are two things we can do to keep gasoline prices low. We can try our best to consume less gasoline and we can purchase only small amounts of gasoline when needed this will keep the gasoline in the refiners storage facilities causing them to bleed off supply at lower prices.
    The over supply is much more accute in the Toronto area, it was reported in todays business section of the Gazette that the prices have plunged to .67 per liter in the GTA.
    We can make a difference. With the prices recently shooting up to past 1.27 per liter in the Montreal area the public has realized that if nothing is done prices will go even higher.

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    It already has worked.

    Ther proof is in the last few weeks when gas went as high as $1.26.4 per liter. (people bought less) Last weeks I bought gas for 93.4 per liter, this week the prices are already at 97.4 on Monday morning, it will go lower till Wednesday morning or early afternoon when we get our weekly schedules unexplicable price hike just because they feel like it.
    The economics are that if their tanks are backed up and full of unrefined crude, other tanks are full of refuned gasoline and there is more pre-ordered crude heading towards the refinery they have to bleed of supply by selling it for cheaper.
    The recent high fuel prices are due to a high demand, and not a low supply situation. The world supply of crude oil is very high.
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    The prices will bounce about .10 cents soon.

    Last week the prices of gasoline dropped to .93 cents and then bounced back .09 cents in a leap only to drop again to 94.4 cents. There is not valid reason for these roller coaster cas prices. The gas companies have dropped the prices because they have a large supply on hand, and only raise the prices to take advantage of the poor boobs that have to purchase gas for the week end.
    From .94.4 cents at this time, the prices might go lower and then spike by abour .10 cents. If we all know this then we can take advantage of the gas companies rather than let them take advantage of us.

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