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Thread: He forgot that I’m a person….

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    He forgot that I’m a person….

    I met my favourite girl again last night. She told me she had a “bad client” since the last time we met, and the title of the post is how she described the incident... Fortunately, she wasn’t harmed, and she’s level-headed enough to realize not every client is like this, which is why she’s able to keep on working. She did leave the client early. And no, she’s not with Asservissante. In fact, she’s with one of the agencies MERBites are constantly heaping praise on.

    I really enjoyed reviewing the girls I met in the past. With this recent trend of finding out about bad clients, I’m starting to have second thoughts about submitting. I asked the girl in question how her bookings were and she told me that she hardly ever waits in the car. So, a MERB review would not buy her much, for one. For two, I don’t want to second guess that I may be the one who influenced some whacko to meet with her.

    I mean, when things work out (and they have been lately, in spades), I get what I consider astonishing value for my dollar. My meeting last night for example, was off the scale sexually, intimacy-wise and intellectually. When I started seeing girls again recently, I never expected it to be this good.

    Imagine my “off-the-scale” review being read by some whacko who thinks he deserves the same (or better) treatment, without the need to treat the girl properly…
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    I hear this alot, sadly. If a guy wants to behave like an animal, I wish he'd just whack off instead of abusing a woman. This type of sex isn't about passion or lust, it's about anger, and to me it's only marginally different than rape.
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