View Poll Results: Do you prefer to schedule your escort session before or after dinner?

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  • I prefer my escort session before dinner.

    14 40.00%
  • I prefer my escort session after dinner.

    15 42.86%
  • I usually see escorts before and after dinner.

    3 8.57%
  • I'd rather eat before and after seeing an escort.

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  • I don't take part in stupid polls.

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Thread: Before Dinner or After Dinner?

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    Question Before Dinner or After Dinner?

    So you are back in your hotel (or home) after a long business day and now your thoughts are on pleasure. Do you favor an early escort session and a late dinner or would you rather go for dinner first and have the escort session later? I see advantages in either choice. With sex first, your agency escort may be fresher, and you don't have to pass up on ordering the garlic shrimp or the 2nd glass of wine to be more presentable to the escort. With dinner first, you have more choices among good restaurants, it's easier to accommodate a delayed escort, and after kissing the escort good-bye, you can hop into bed instead of dressing up to go out again. Escorts may also have reasons to prefer pre-dinner or post-dinner clients. What are the reasons for your preference?

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    I vote after dinner.

    With a cognac and a good cigar!

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    Before dinner!

    Before dinner I'll feel more agile, after I may feel bloated.

    I also agree with the point about breath: an after-dinner garlic and alcohol breath may redure mileage.

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    Best time, before dinner

    Before breakfast is also a good time; what a way to start a day.

    It is a good diet.

    Good for the grey cells and everything else and a good toner!!!


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    Before breakfast

    I had in mind doing it with an incall or outcall, not a girlfriend or wife!!!!!!


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    I like to follow the old rule "Wait at least an hour before going in the pool", be it actual diving or muff diving, a nice pause to allow digestion to works its magic gets rid of that bloated feeling, and after that the old furnace is stoked with fuel to provide you extra energy for one incredible session... A quick scrub of the ivories and a little mouthwash should smite any bad-breath contributors (e.g. garlic, spices...)

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