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Thread: Anybody interesting in visiting the Fkk clubs of Germany?

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    Question Anybody interesting in visiting the Fkk clubs of Germany?

    Its that time of year again...time to start planning a winter trip to Dusseldorf to visit some of the best fkk's from previous trips. Jackyo and myself are planning on an early March trip. We have room for one or two more guys if anyone is interested in checking out the scene.

    Why germany in winter you ask? Well, airfare is really cheap during this time of year...right now flight from Boston and New York are in the mid 400's. Airfare to europe tends to get discounted in December (people are busy with the holidays and the airlines try to entice people to travel). You also get lower hotel rates for the off season...and by traveling a couple months after christmas you'll find the clubs less crowded with bills coming due.

    What other costs are there besides the airfare? Well, you would have to pay for your own hotel room, your share of the rental car and the gas, the cover charge for the clubs...and of coarse the women you see have to get paid. Hotels offer free breakfasts with your stay...and most of the clubs offer free beer and food with the cover charge. So your out of pocket expence is pretty low outside the clubs.

    What's the big deal about fkk's? First big difference is the selection of women , some clubs have 50 to 60 women working on a given night...many of the smaller clubs have between 14 to 20. Rates are also very affordable. You can see a girl for 63 us dollars for a half hour...90 for an hour. You can do duo's for as little as 50 to 70 euro's depending on the club...and you get to pick the girls yourself. Alot of the girls are either nude or close to you rarely get a suprise. You also get a chance to chat up the girls before going back into the room...and the action starts once the door shuts.

    What do the clubs look like, how many girls are in each club and what are the
    entrance fee's and rates for the girls? ...entrance is 50 euro's, girls fee's are 50euro's for the first half hour, 25euro's for the second half hour. ...entrance is 50; girls fee's are the same as goldentime. ...entrance is 50; girls rates are exactly like goldentime. ...entrance is 25euro's; rates are 35euro's for 20 minutes, 25euro's for each additional is extra. ...same setup as heavensgate.

    ...these are just a few of the fkk clubs on the list...the partytreff club below isnt an fkk club and doesnt follow the same rules as those listed above... ...this isnt a fkk club. Cover charge is 100 euro's which includes free beer, food and all the sex you can handle. Several young attractive ladies (and a couple ugly ones) make this club can have threesomes and even foursomes for no additional price. But you have to be able to handle sex with other people watching (and other girls joining in...)

    Jackyo and myself will be flying out on a Monday for a weeks can stay for as long as you want but its recommended flying out on the same day and arriving around the same time. Dusseldorfs airport code is DUS...check the airfare from your city and see if the rate looks reasonable. If your interested send me or jackyo a pm....

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    I've asked this question on this forum before but not found anyone else to go with but last winter the Breadman finds my earlier posts, we hit it off via e-mail and on the phone and off we went together last January.

    We went again last May.

    I have been visiting these clubs since 1999, speak fluent German, have been to over thirty of them.

    So this is for real.

    Basic question is whether we can get calendars synchronized.

    If you can understand our philosophy and we can get along, we can share car and gasoline expenses and you will be in for the experience of your life.

    Let me or the Breadman know. He has been going through withdrawal for a while now and this trip can't come soon enough.

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    Here's a link to a Hotty working in Goldentime right now

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