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Thread: What mischief have you done?

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    What mischief have you done?

    This thread was inspired by another thread on doing mischief at Montreal area parking meters.
    Years ago, I use to do mischief by kyping car washes at gas stations. When I was in line to pay for my gasoline, sometimes there would be a person ahead of me paying for gas and buying a car wash. If I can get a look at their car wash code number, I would jump into my car and get to the car wash ahead of them and get a free auto-douche!

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    I collect petro points when i put diesel in the company's truck and the boss is payin'...ooooh i'm so bad

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    I've used the company truck for my own side work several times and never put gas in afterwards...........Guess its coal for me this year from Santa.
    You got a mighty purdy mouth.

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    In the early eighties I hitchhiked around the US using American Express travellors cheques in Canadian funds. Almost always, they could be cashed as if they were in US funds, since the only difference was a hard-to-notice line across the top that said "Canadian dollars". At that time, a Canadian dollar equaled US$0.75, so cashing a cheque for a Cdn$100 at a Taco Bell and getting US$97.50 back made quite a difference.

    I was only 18 then. I didn't really think about what I was doing except one time I ate at a little restaurant in San Francisco's Chinatown. It struck me that I wasn't ripping off a big company like McDonald's or Taco Bell, but a hard-working independant businessman. I still feel a little bad about it but I've tried to balance it out with good deeds done elsewhere.

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    I got 4 s this year. I`m a wild man.

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    i paid a sp in fake bills...
    on more then 1 occasion

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