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Thread: Dumb people you have met.

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    Dumb people you have met.

    I have met all sorts of realy dumb people in my life, here are just 2 examples.

    1) A born again christian I knew years ago was very offended by a car he say on the street with the owners business advertised on the side of the car. This born again cluck told me that the owner of the car should be ashamed of his business and shoul;d not be advertising the fact that he was in the ESCORT business in writing on his car. The escort business that this guy was in was to follow tractor trailors with a wide load.

    2) I actualy knew a girl so dumb that she told me that a brothel was a reastaurant that specialized in soup!

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    I once took a girl to a minor league hockey game in freaking Hershey, PA. After I paid for parking, she asked me "How come you paid for parking? Isn't there a valet?"
    I couldn't believe what I just heard! I was speechless at first...

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    i had an Escort it was pumping oil... ;-)

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    For kicks, work for a call center. No end to the amount of stupid people calling.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bond_james_bond
    For kicks, work for a call center. No end to the amount of stupid people calling.

    So true, sometimes even depressing, several years ago I had an older gentleman call me asking me if there was a way to fax photos and keep the original. I guess he though a fax was a teleportation device of some kind.

    Beam me up...

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    The problem with the overflowing of stupid people is...

    Much Music !!! Or MTV !!!

    People are (somewhat) proud of being dumb sometimes.
    Have you seen those "OC wanna-be" girls who know nothing about anything and ARE somehow proud of it?
    Ever watch The Beauty and the Greek? Painful... They can't find ONE beauty with half a brain?
    What about the abundance of "gangsta" music-videos? What about the corruption of the english language with "ghetto" pseudo-words?

    People who do or say stupid things are sometimes valued (in the teenage-world) over people who speak right and can actually think.

    The glorification of "dumbness" is... hard to understand. However some people DO cash in on it (Paris Hilton, Jessica Simpson).

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    Funny thread.... reminds me of..

    The famous thing happens during a History class. The teacher was talking about some stuff in the Antique era. So, there was a lot of dates like 45 before JC, 210 after JC, etc.

    Suddently a student rise his hand and aske the teacher: "Well professor, since half an hour you are talking about that guy named Jeecee. Can you tell us who that guy is ? ".

    I swear to you, he did it in front of 120 other students... university students.

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    If only I knew...
    Wasn't JC Lauzon, the humorist?

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