Has anyone had problems lately with PM's...

Since last weekend I will get the merb PM e.mail notice link, but when I activate via the link I see no new message in the merb PM folder.

First time this happened I went away from my computer for half a day and when I returned I looked again and then I had them.

But the next day when this happened again (this time two PM's), I figured no worry... like the last time this happened all I would need to do is just forget about it until later then if I look again after several hours the PM's would be there for me to read...

NO they did not show up! So that was two PM's that I was sent but I never saw.

That was last weekend now it happened again around midnight last night. So I go look again this morning at 8am and still no new PM.

I have cleared most of my old PM's so it is not a limit problem. And it is not a possibility that someone else has access to my computer and is deleting the messages.

Anyone had this or similar problems recently or in the past.