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Thread: GFE or YMMV?

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    GFE or YMMV?

    An issue that has just arisen between one of the agency owners (one of the best in the business by the way) and one of his girls (an sp who transferred from another agency and who, in the past, has given solid, and sometimes inspired, performances as YMMV). She was listed as GFE but it seems that
    her heart wasn't really in it. Her performance was subsequently questioned by a couple of members here and the owner. Her answer was that she didn't want to be forced to have to provide GFE for classless or ungroomed clients. It got me thinking about this whole GFE - YMMV thing again even though the issue has been covered before. And this issue prompted me to take one more crack at it.

    First let me say that all clients and sp's should bring their "best selves" to any encounter. A client who is boorish, arrogant or overly aggressive, gotten all "garlicked up," or smells like a barn should be shown the door, period. (An sp who rejects on those grounds is usually supported). I'm sure it can be tough enough for an sp, at times, when, for example, after the first slobbery kiss she realizes, "Eeeeuuuwww! Don't tell me I am going to have to teach it all here!" Some guys just cross the line in other ways. ( I'm sure the sp's
    could tell some stories on that score.)

    On the other side of the equation it is every clients dread that after he has forked over his hard earned coin,he discovers he has, (going down the scale), a downright manipulative bitch, walking cash register/clock watcher,ice queen, "princess", or at the very least, a complete lack of chemistry on his hands. (Anyone care to jump in from past experience? I may have missed a couple.) This kind of behaviour can be infuriating (annoying to say the least) for the veteran and taken as rejection (unworthy because of looks, age, lack of confidence etc.) for the newbie. It is sometimes bad enough having to deal with initial contact or subsequent reliability issues with an agency, not to mention outright stunts with B&S.

    The bottom line is that I think it is great that the sp referred to above is being honest. After all the girls are only human. Clients come in all shapes and sizes, different ages, and with different backgrounds. Some are educated, polished and well groomed. Some are not. Some girls are able to use their imagination and get "into" almost any encounter (within limits of course - Ronnie has argued in the past that a bit of chemistry is almost a prerequisite for providing GFE ). These sp's are highly prized by us and
    deserve the distinctive GFE designation in reviews. For other girls, it is just not in them. They need a bit more chemistry but can provide enjoyment for a certain range of clients and that is great (Hopefully it keeps those clients away from the GFE girls). These girls are given the somewhat less distinguished YMMV designation. There is no question that the GFE girl (all things considered) is more marketable than the YMMV girl. And that, I believe is the reason they tend to be more highly prized by agency owners. Thus
    the eagerness on the part of some agency owners to get the girls to commit to providing the GFE experience. It is only logical. But in sp'ing as elsewhere in life we are born with or develop skills which give us the edge in getting that job ahead of all the others. You aren't going to hire a "sad sack" to sell cars.
    Agency owners aren't stupid. A certified "10" who is an ice queen will often lose out to the less attractive girlwith terrific presentation and people skills.

    So in the end, an sp will stand or fall on her subsequent reviews and marketability as a YMMV girl. After all being a survivor in life is what it is all about isn't it?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Regular Guy
    Her answer was that she didn`t want to be forced to have to provide GFE for classless or ungroomed clients.
    And she shouldn`t be forced.

    YMMV is really a fact of life with every SP whether she is listed as GFE or not. Unfortunately most of the hobbyist community would like to believe that SPs are robots, who will robotically perform the same service for each and every client. This is simply not the reality of how most SPs or most women in general think or behave. Every single SP is YMMV in some aspect of her service, and anyone who thinks otherwise is a moron and idiot.

    Client number 1 is 350 pounds, stinks and has garlic breath and yellow teeth. Client number 2 is proportional weight for his size, has excellent hygiene and most importantly treats the SP with respect and dignity. Take a poll on the SPs who service both clients and guess which one will get consistently more mileage.

    On the other side of the coin: I once met an SP who told me that before she began working as an SP she had never given a guy a blow job. She told me she dated a guy for a few years in her pre-SP days and he never wanted blow jobs, he just enjoyed intercourse. She had never offered him a blow job either. Her first blow job she ever gave was to a client as an SP. And that boyfriend really had no idea what he was missing, lol, because this SP gave a phenomenal .
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    YMMV girls might be that way for different reason. If it's the girl's mood that swing from one extreme to the other, then it becomes a problem: they are not robots but should be professional enough to be consistent with their services. I'm a professional and, if I can't handle 2 similar situation the same way because I don't feel like it, then my boss will quickly let me know! A girl who treat 1 guy like a king one time and like an ass the next is a big no-no.

    If she's YMMV because of the way the client look or behave, then it's absolutely ok. Anybody (almost!) desserve respect so, these ladies desserves it too! If a moron show-up, he should't expect top notch service! If for some reason, the girl doesn't feel comfortable with a customer, she should be allowed to tell the guy "Look, it's not going to work. Keep your money and we'll see if we can find someone else for you." Sadly, some customers would take this bad and might even become violent so, what's the poor girl supposed to do? She'll shut up and give so-so service, expecting the guy will quit soon and never ask for her again. We're buying a service but not a piece of meat. Impossible for the lady to stay willing in all situation with everybody.

    With the GFE label, the problem is the lady can be seen as a machine who will do anything with anybody, no matter what, as long as the money is there. But they're not machines so, the GFE tag leads to possible deception when it really doesn't click and the girl refuse to provide some services.

    Personally, I never expect the whole sha-bang of services with any girls, even GFE ones. Not because I think I don't desserve it, but because it prevent me from deception. If a GFE do it all, then no surprises and I'm happy. If she doesn't provide, no surprises again, only not as happy!

    BUT! When a YMMV give me something I wasn't expecting from her or something she refused to others, I then know I, MYSELF did something to make HER feel good! Now, THAT'S rewarding! Shure beats getting it from a GFE who does it regularly everytime!
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    BUT! When a YMMV give me something I wasn't expecting from her or something she refused to others, I then know I, MYSELF did something to make HER feel good! Now, THAT'S rewarding! Shure beats getting it from a GFE who does it regularly everytime!
    A very good point! It keeps us sharp with treating an sp like a lady. Sometimes when you are a gentleman it brings out the lady. If you make a lady feel good about herself then maybe she will feel good about you. Treat her any other way and you can kiss any chance of your GFE goodbye.
    Confucius say: Man who take woman into house on side of hill - not on level.

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