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Thread: How far does your woman or SP go to have you ?

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    How far does your woman or SP go to have you ?

    Hello my fellow Canadians,

    With a US Astronaut being charged with attempted murder just to have a man, how far would your woman or SP go to have you ?

    Boy, I would be pleased if my SP would go to attemp ted murder just to have me.

    The guy ought to be extremely proud, don't you all think ?

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    I am me, too!
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    Proud of what? Having a psychopath ready to kill for you? Not me.

    Nobody sane would do what she did. It was totally prepared and done in cold blood. Police said she had all the required "tools" to capture, hold and torture the other woman. She was totally "spaced-out"

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    Selon moi cette femmme n'avait plus les deux pieds sur terre... et ŕ cause de cela elle a perdu son ''espace'' dans les prochaines navettes

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    Amantes sunt amentes.

    As my signature says: Lovers are lunatics.
    Amantes sunt amentes.

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    How deeply disturbing.
    All hail Emperor BDC aka Napoliano Peter Greatzetski Czaro.

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    As the saying goes, "hell hath no fury like a woman scorned."

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    good one, orallover...

    What's for anyone to be proud about here? A brilliant woman had a nervous breakdown.

    It's horrible and sad.

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    How far do you go to get your woman or SP ?

    Hello my fellow Canadians,

    Are American women more hot blooded than Canadian women ?

    Did any Canadian women go as far as the US Astronaut ?

    How far did you go to get your woman or SP ?

    Did you have to impress your lady ?

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