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    Hey guys, I'll be in Halifax in 2 weeks. And I'll be staying there for 2 weeks. I was just wondering if there are any good SPs I should see? I did a few searches and nothing came up...

    Anyone got any suggestions? I'm in my twenties so I would like to find myself a young hottie SP (max 30yrs old let say). Not really into milfs... lol.

    Anyone know any hidden gems in Halifax?

    Let me know! Thanks in advance!

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    Your best bet is to try the local paper, The Halifax Herald as they usually have anywhere from 30-45 ads per night. Must warn you it can be scary what shows up at your door though, it can also be a nice surprise.
    You could also try this site;
    Willow is probably the best out there but she is older then you want so based on your requirements, I would suggest you try Red Ryder. She is young and some what open minded and provides a good service.
    Stay away from Michelle...over priced and the pictures look a lot better then the real thing. It is her in the picture but in better days gone by. Also stay away from Sydney banks...just plain scary.
    Emma is also older like Willow but will give you the closest thing to a Montreal GFE, as would Willow who is much better looking then Emma, but Emma will suck the chrome right off your tailpipe and swallow every last drop. If you have to choice between the two I would go with Willow every time.

    Good luck

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    Thanks for the info acco34!
    I'll keep all that in mind.

    I actually did a little more searches and found out about Park Avenue and Diamond Dates. Anyone know anything about these 2 agencies?


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    There is an in-call just over the downtown bridge on the Dartmouth side. Been in business for many years. Located off the bridge from Halifax behind the Holiday Inn.

    It is in a small white house you go in and they bring down the available talent and you pick one. You can call ahead for descriptions. They have showers and porno on the TV. No supermodels but OK value at $100 for the half.

    They are in the book - per

    Gentlemen's Massage Club
    70 Windmill Rd
    Dartmouth, NS B3A1C7
    (902) 461-2545

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