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Thread: Need your opinion

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    Need your opinion

    Im undecided about this 'fkk club' pay $130 at the door and you can have sex with each girl in the club....but only once per girl. Take a look at the website and look at the girls...then vote 'yes' or 'no' if its worth $130 euro's....

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    Hello Breadman,

    The only way this will get a no vote is someone hates unanimous decisions or your mother discovered who you are and wants to piss you off.



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    Hell yes!!!!!!!!!!
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    130 euros is like... $214 CAN. Can you spend the whole day there?
    How long can you spend with each girl?

    Can't read German...

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    I am a New Englander...we hate unanimous But seriously, I don't know about this place or any place where it is so public....I also hate the pressure to Anyway, be a man and give it a shot and take one for the team....

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    Are you kidding? Please tell me this is a retorical question where you know that everyone will vote "yes". Amanda, Jasya, Patricia and Sandra are worth that alone and we get all 4 plus the other ladies? This must be the "dollor store" of sex clubs. Man I need to take a trip right about now and I think I know a good spot.
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    Hey asking the question is already half the answer! The other is a plane ticket for Germany! Go for it! Give us a report after!

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    Thumbs down Odds are in your favor

    that you'll come ahead at Labyrinth compared to say GT, PHG or Samya assuming those pics are not fake nor too brushed up. The only major drawback is that there are only 4-8 girls at Labyrinth as opposed to 30-50 at other clubs. Also, they only mention cold cuts for food at Labyrinth and we don't know what types of beer are available there either. TOFTT and report back and if it's good, I will validate it for you on my next trip to FKK land, LOL !
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