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Thread: Missing post (Petersburg pornstar)

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    Missing post (Petersburg pornstar)

    I thought I read the post "Wanna be a pornstar" talking about just spending $200 ($50 to the girl, $50 to the video guy etcl) to fuck and shoot video with a pornstar in Petersburg. But I can not find the post now. Actually I am quite keen to know more about it and plan to have a trip to Petersburg to have fun with pornstars. Anyone knows about that?

    Greatly appreciated.


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    It was thread by robertpal. He got banned. Mods said they were deleting his "useless" posts...this could have been one of them...which looks like was useful to you. Check with the Mods if they can give you the info.

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    This thread was removed as it was promoting bareback activities. Nothing to do with robertpal even though he was the one who posted it.


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