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Thread: The Savior Syndrome - Counterpoint

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    Smile The Savior Syndrome - Counterpoint

    Recently ZM started an interesting thread - "The Savior Syndrome". As the thread evolved I realized that there was an equally legitimate question that should be asked,with a potential follow-up. Just a question - not trying to define a syndrome,pathology or lay the groundwork for a thesis.

    Has an SP - covering every possible niche of the spectrum, ever wished that a client become more than a client?

    If yes, what was the reaction if it did or did not happen?

    PS: mods I believe that the question stands on its own and merits a separate thread.If you do not so be it.

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    This subjects has been covered multiple times in the past, under different titles ranging from friendship to illusions in hobbying to falling in love, etc, as polls or regular threads, intermixed in other threads or standing in their own. But if we were to merge threads every time a subject comes back, we'd be doing searches and merging threads all day.

    Basically what I'm saying is that I won't merge this thread to the other one. Happy?


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    SP have definitley made this move... finding a sugar daddy to help them out of their financial needs... but they still keep their option open and do the deals with others.... cant stay away from the messy life...

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    I think if a lady is so inclined (to want a sugar daddy/saviour) there are easier ways to snag one. All they have to do is get out there on Lavalife or whatever dating sites and cast their line until the right one bites.

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