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Thread: Losing your password...

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    Unhappy Losing your password...

    As everybody knows, losing your password can be a real pain.

    It should never happen but, considering the number of username/id and password/pin one has to use...

    Anyway, I lost my MERB password.
    I contacted FredZed who told me that the best he could do was to delete my MERB id (after having done the deed).
    I would then need to register.
    As my account had already been deleted I registered again using my previous handle.

    Here I am, back to square one, without the PM I had put aside, the tracking on my previous posts and the seniority.

    Users beware... This is tough...

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    How could you loose the only password that counts?????

    Is it an advance sign of something much more serious????


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    I believe that I am under what the medical body would call a HSS (High Stress Syndrom) due to a serious lack of quality time.

    This can only be resolved by (you're right) SEX (and all the good stuff that goes with it) .

    I have been recommended to go to Montreal for a cure.

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    Far from me the idea of criticizing your suggestion but, do you think it is a good idea to send an e-mail containing your different passwords to yourself (unless it is, of cours, cyphered)?

    I totally agree with the risks of relying on memory though.

    I don't quite understand how businesses (banks as an example) expect us to remember all the USR/PWD without saving that information somewhere handy (handy = risky as far as I am concerned).

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