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Thread: Will they kill Tony?

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    Will they kill Tony?

    Will Tony Soprano be killed by a rival gang? Will Tony turn states evidence to the feds and do a Gravano? Or, will Tony keep on being Tony? There are only 3 episodes left till the end. Whats your guess?

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    Bobby Bakala is going to jail.

    Could be that Bobby that left a gun behind with his prints on it after he make his first hit will turn against Tony!

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    Daringly>>>> I thought the same thing when I first saw the thread title!

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    There have been tons of mob hits where the gun is left behind. Mob hits traditionally are performed with untraceable guns purchased by a 3rd party off the streets. The gun is left at the scene to remove the shooter from being tied to the gun. Why would a mob hit man (Bobby in this case) shoot a guy and take the gun with him? What if he was caught a mile away carrying the gun?

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    Regarding Bobby's first hit, he had clear plastic gloves on his hand, so there were no prints on the gun he left behind. About Tony, we all know the show isn't gonna have a happy ending to it. Tony has done too much for it to end like that. It's all gonna catch up to him pretty soon. Either he gets whacked by a rival or he's goes to prison because of that big RICO case building up. Either way, its not good for Tony. I know some of you may find this way off, but I think he will leave Bobby in charge of THE family. I think he trusts Bobby and knows that he can count on Bobby to take care of both families (defending Janice and kicking Tony's ass when he was making fun of her). Who knows, this show always goes against what you think will happen.

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    Bobby barfed!

    After the hit he barfed at the scene, leaving DNA.

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    The smart money is on T making it.

    After all, his luck has changed now that Christopher is gone.

    I do think Paulie and Phil Leotardo will be sleeping with the fishes by the end, though.

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    In conventional tv land, it would be normal for Tony to come to a tragic end in view of his recent epiphany in the desert while on peyote. ("I understand what you are trying to tell me.") They always make it look like the hero has finally go his life figured out before dashing him on the rocks, right? But with this show, it is hard to say.

    I can see the story ending in lots of way, the least interesting of which would see Tony dying. I've even wondered if Anthony Junior might get involved in the family, reaffirming the circle of life.

    Does anybody else wonder about this slim thread of a side story involving the Arab guys who used to visit the Bing? That story has been around for at least two seasons and I wonder where it is heading. I can't help thinking it is going to be key.

    Maybe the series will end with Tony getting the Congressional Medal of Honour from President Bush.
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    Tony is going to do himself in.

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    I Forgot about the last night show an woke up on the couch with 2 mins left. Ps, don't tell me.
    I pulled into Nazareth, I was feelin' about half past dead...

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    The third to last episode...........

    .......was kind of a let down. Nothing much happened. The two last episodes better step it up or else it may be sort of likethe ending of Sienfeld. That was a kind of crappy last minute writing to shut down the show.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Maxima
    1) Witness Protection
    2) Jail time

    for potential sequels...

    witness protection....? NEVER

    he is old school

    maybe do himslf in.

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    I will bet you................

    ...............they will get him doing a crime, so he will be doing the time!

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    I stayed away from this thread until I got the chance to watch the last 5 shows that I missed (my thanks to bit torrent ). Now that I've caught up, I see Tony and family going into witness protection, or maybe Tony dying stopping some terrorist plot, due to the resolution of the Arab thread that may be coming back into prominence. There will be some kind of showdown between the Sopranos and Leotardo, ending with Paulie and Phil, and many others, dead. Silvio ends up in charge and hires Bruce Springsteen and the E-Street Band to be the house band at the Bada Bing! But due to constant anxiety attacks, partly caused by Bon Jovi attacking the e-street band in the parking lot one night, Silvio collapses and Meadow Soprano emerges as the new head of the Soprano Family.
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    Angry Got gyped!

    ....... the Sopranos was not on the air last night!
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