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Thread: Do you repeat with same SP often?

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    Do you repeat with same SP often?

    I'm wondering how many of you repeat with the same SP often (more than twice)?

    Also, post some explanations/comments regarding your answer...
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    I tend to see Natalia at I'lle Exotique, Valerie and Caty at Sante Ontario. I also have Crystal, Jen, Amilia on the street scene.
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    I'm generally someone who repeats on a regular basis provided that all things remain the same (person doesn't switch from ---call only to ---call only, services remain the same, price hasn't increased dramatically, etc.) and I was satisfied with the service. However, if the service goes down, I generally stop repeating with the same SP.

    I don't recall the work names of some of the SPs that I've repeated with over the years (more than 3 times) but I've seen Lili Love (Jasmine) a lot, her daughter over 3 times, Sophia a lot, and Alexandra Heart about 3 times.

    There were a few SPs that I wanted to see multiple times but didn't because they either retired or something else happened to them like they left the country or when they were working, I'm not available: ex: juzt_a_girl (Chloe), SP with no review policy on this board, Louann, etc.

    There were also SPs that I only saw twice but didn't see again just because I didn't have their contact information and they left the agency or if they were independants, the contact information that I had was no longer valid.

    There are also some SPs that I've only seen once for whatever reason and will probably not see again. Either I wasn't satisfied with the service or we didn't mesh together or they weren't my type.

    When I'm feeling a bit adventurous or if the person that I've seen regularly is not available, I also like trying SPs that I've never seen before.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jimace
    I'm wondering how many of you repeat with the same SP often (more than twice)?
    I try to but they always seem to retire or go on vacation on my next visit. Maybe I've been scaring them away or something.

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    I usually don't repeat. Exceptions are Vicky (xxxtase) and Marianne (Devilish, when she was Crystal, Eleganza). I would also like to repeat with Mercedez (xxxtase), but have not been able to align the proper stars to do so...

    Reason is pretty simple: too many girls, so little time. Many girls I considered repeating actually hiked their prices or disappeared. The meeting has to be truly outstanding for me to want to have multiple encounters.

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    So far, I only repeated twice, and one was by accident. The other one was in Sherbrooke where the quantity of decent SPs is extremely limited.

    The main reason I hobby is for variety and my to-do list is rather long. Also, I only see SP every few weeks/months and I usually stay in Montreal only for the evening I'm hobbying. That only leaves me the SP working and free that specific night. So repeating wouldn't be easy in my case.

    Two SP were good enough to make me want to repeat: Jessy from Satindreams (my best ever) which unfortunately retired before I had a chance to repeat and Kim of Devilish which I met recently. Let's hope I'll be able to see Kim again before she decides to move from the business.
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    I just hit the jackpot and won the lottery at the same time.


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    There's one lady I've seen 4 times since March. I repeat with her because she make me feel good on all fronts. I've seen some ladies before and never repeated with any. Since the first time I've met her, I've seen 1 more lady but again, no repeat. Why? Nobody make me feel like she does!

    I've never been a "hunter" type of guy and I prefer quality and connection rather than explosive intensity with nothing left after the act beside suggesting to the the girl it's time she leave. I never felt like kicking-out any any of the ladies I've seen up to know but mostly, when the act is over, there's nothing much left to do with most, beside small talk.

    That's why i repeat!

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    So many girls, so little time and money.
    I can't afford to repeat.
    Some massage girls are worth "repeating" because they give you more options, but most of the time they don't.

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    Whenever I am in town I usually like to revisit a great experience by calling on an SP from my previous trip. But, for the most part, I try to stick to new SP's.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jimace
    I'm wondering how many of you repeat with the same SP often (more than twice)?

    Also, post some explanations/comments regarding your answer...
    when someone like someone i don't see "why not"

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    Cool 50 /50 !

    If the service is good I always do the return visit, but like many hobbyist I try new once in a while. It is a 50 / 50 situation new to tried and true.

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    I am seeing mostly the same 2 girls for years now with my lifestyle its work better that way. They come at my place when its possible even my dog is happy to see them .I also call on agency but not very often

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    I'll vote 'sometimes'

    I dont go looking to re-book someone ive seen before, basically its the money situation. Now in Germany id repeat many times and often since its only 40 to 60 bucks to do so...whereas in Montreal your looking at triple that amount.

    I will repeat if Ive had some bad calls and want to end a trip on an upnote. I'll also repeat if on a given night the only talent seems to be girls that ive seen before.

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    I enjoy repeating. It also avoids disapointment. However, I feel you need to take some chances occasionally and try someone new in order to keep some of the thrill.
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