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Thread: escorts offering serivces in their appartements

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    escorts offering serivces in their appartements

    I've been surfing annonce123 recently, there are a few girls offering service at their place. I'm guessing this is half way between a sex-hotel (i.e. like sexy4u) and the comfort of your own home. Anyone had good experiences? Are these girls "new girls" usually looking to make rent? They seem, less attractive then most 160$/h escorts but some have a girl next door thing going.

    My question: any comments on these types of girls offering at-home service at annonce123? Is there usually a biker boyfriend waiting in the next room?

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    Personally....for 160 bones I would use the girls reviewed here on this board.
    Better be safe than sorry.

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    Biker boyfriend or big dog, or heaven forbid a child. All not good. And then, I think legally you in what is technically a bawdy house with potentiallyharsher consequnces if LE were ever involved.

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