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Thread: I am sooo tired of agencies being late! Merbites need to fight back!

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    Angry I am sooo tired of agencies being late! Merbites need to fight back!

    This is just so riduculous now. I have dealth with many agencies like Fantasme, Ferrary, XXXTASE, Develish, Cachet ladies, Eleganza and many more and without any hestitation, I cna say that about 90% of the time what they give you as a time is TOTALLY off. I would understand that if you book a date for 11pm for example, the girl could arrive between 10h45 and 11h15, but seriously, 30 to 60 min late is ridiculious and this is more and more the case. The only time I tolerate such delays now is if I book a girl between 4 and 7pm during the week. Only then do I truely understand the fact there is traffic, but if not, there is no reason we clients should be accepting such service any longer. If you tell me 10h30, I expect my time to be respected.

    Recently, if a girl is 15 min late, I call back the agency and see what he tells me. If he says it will be another 10-15 min, I cancel the date right on the spot. If the providers do not respect my time, why should I bend over backwards for them.

    Seriously guys, if you get the same service I get, let's be together and this and put a golden rule outside the 4pm to 7pm slot that stipulates that if a girl is 15 min late, we call back and cancel the date. When the providers will be going around town and get many cancelled bookings, maybe they will wake up. What we could also do is, even if she is late past 15 minutes, once she gets there, you ask for a 10$ reduction by every delays of 10 minutes. If the provider says no, cancel right there and then.

    It is riduculous!!!!!!!!! Spread the news...we need to rise and demande respect of our time like we respect their time.

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    Its not the agencies fault... its actually us We take too much time... lol

    Hoenstly, the agencies can guage time better, but they are not at fault, you know how the business is, sometimes its hard to find an adress, sometimes even the client is late which pushes everyone back... I have been guilty of that...

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    Abyysss c est rare qu on est en retard de + de 15 et meme dans l heure de pointe ! ( tk les jours ou moi je travail ! )
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    Martin- As you being a very respected agency owner the $$english clients$$ on the board who do not speak french(the majority) would appreciate it that whenever you have something to say that you say it in english as well or maybe designate a bilingual board member to translate for you as your opinion is valued, just a suggestion.
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    Clients or provider

    Some might be right that at times it is the client's other times it is true the provider is on time, but the excuses about the addresses these days, I just don't believe that one. They spend enough time on the road that they shoudl have an idea...and second, if they don't have an idea of where the call is, one simple the client and ask them where they are. If the client is not from Montreal, then 95% of the time they are in a downtown hotel...and that is easy to find.

    I think for most agencies, they simply overpromise and underdeliver in terms of timing.

    I know on my part, I am done with this waiting. I wait + 15 min, if the girl is not there, I call the agency back and if the answer does not satisfy my, I matter if they are 5 min away or 30 min away...enough is enough...sorry time is just as precious as yours has to be mutual respect.

    As for other merbites, it is up to you do do what you feel like...unfortunately, because we are calling girls for pleasure...very often our little head in our pants will control more the real head so I undersand that if someone wants pleasure, they will wait that extra 30 min....I know I am at a disadvantage when asking merbites to join me in this cause but hey...gotta try.

    One thing I noticed though, when you call independants, they are usually always on maybe I'll just have to go that route now.

    Later guys...have a nice weekend.

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    Joe_t i will try but my english is not that good ( one more years i should be ok ) ... i knew abyss is french that why i answered in french !!
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    Personnally, i deal on a regular basis with 3 of the agencies you quoted (devilish, Eleganza and xxxtase) and they are rarely late. Usually, the max is 30 minutes (and that was last week during grand prix week.) Recently, i booked Ashley (devilish), she live out of town and she was stuck with her car, and this happen to everybody, even doctors (in the last 3 years, i was sick only 3 or 4 times at the point to visit a doctor and twice i visited a clinic where the doctor did not show up at all... one had forgotten and booked something else.). I know our libido suffer when we wait, but when you are sick, you dont want to wait also...

    On the other hand, since i book weekdays when i work, i never book late (if the girl i want is available at 11pm +, i pass and call back another day), so maybe after midnight, accumulated minutes of late become a hour. And i totally agree that time is needed between appointments, these girls are human, not machine, and even the best may not give the same service when running between two appointments (and this frustrate some girls too, not only the clients, when the phone ring and they have to run to take their shower and say goodbye).

    But, i repeat it, these three agencies where never late for more than 30 minutes with me, and each time the owners did call to discuss this, make sure i was confortable with it... Chris offered me to cancel if it was not convenient to me anymore and did not put any pressure on a switch of girls.

    I dont think theyre is a real problems with these agencies, try the JDM agencies more at 90-120/hr and not only they will often be late, but they will also often dont show up at all....
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    While I understand your frustration there are other factors that one may not be aware of. Providers are at times flaky at best. The agency relied on these girls to show up on time and work, if they have a bad day or just want to go out and shop there is nothing that the agency can do. Cancellation from other Merbites or no show caused a problem for the girls as well as the agency. I'm not here to defend any agency but those are the facts when you are dealing with customer oriented business and you need " customer service reps" to take care of your customer. My only suggestion is the agency to establish a "frequent customer programs" in which they can ensure those repeated clients and do give them a bit of a vip treatment to ensure timely service.

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    Quote Originally Posted by player_82
    I think it depend were you are. Usually I booked a date at motel ideal on Lageunesse and almost all agencies are between 20 to 30 minutes late.
    I forgot to say i not only book early, but also live near downtown Montreal, so i agree that this may be another factor.

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    stop crying aabyss... 30-60 min late is nothing.... friday I was expecting my new couch from brault et martineau 'between 9 to 19h' and thoses monkeys never show up.... shit append!

    Put the situation in another way, what would you thinking if incall and massage place would charge us 10$ extra per 10 min late? I'm curious how many of us here show late in thoses place?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Maxima
    So you do accept that 30-60' late from an escort agency is normal the same way as brault & martineau not deliver your furniture. Good for you. I hope brault & martineau does the same thing to you a few more times. Shit happens.
    Well what you expect buddy?? we are on a board that people bitching if the girl leave 5 min before her time. So if you add on top of that the sp decide to stop at tim horton to grab a bite then on the way of to you the driver need to drop another girl and the guy fucking around asking 300 questions before giving his cash like if she gonna lick his ass while he put a finger in her hear and some funny request I heard so many time, so the girl take 10 min to confirm the call instead of 1 normally. I believe agency owner do their best to have their people on time but trust me and I know what im talking about sometime you cant expect too much of people in this industry (I aim mostly drivers and sp)

    I would like to have my SP deliver right on time every day but im not stressing out when the girl is late... Anyway a good advice would be to never book an appointement with Georges W. (or somebody else important) after a SP session... Anyway if you look for a real GFE experience you have to know most of all GF I had in my life and especially the one I have atm are most of time always LATE.

    Also dont worry I didnt had to wait the full day friday have monkeys working for me doing renovations in my new house and they take care of my furnitures delivery... im only moving in jun29
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    2h late ???

    Quote Originally Posted by tony_montana
    The one time I used XXXtase... they were 2hours late!! There were special circumstances surrounding that incident... but still! I was offered a discount...
    Tony can you refresh my memory ?

    ( pk je regarde merb durant mes jours off Grrr .. )
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    hi aabyss

    I feel for you.
    Take a look at my experience at

    Maybe it will be a consolation and make you feel a bit better.

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    Exclamation Tony Montana

    Hello Tony like i said before it is very rare that the girl will be ready at the time she says at the beginning of the night. So try to imagine if you have 10 girls at the beginning of there shift and half of them are not ready on time what that does to your timing for all the calls prebooked....



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    Clock watching?

    I have also been the victim of severly late ladies. Some times I get a call, some times I don't. If the agency would call me and tell me she was running late. Sure it would be great to get a discount, or preferably a bit more time, but that can add to the problem I guess...

    Now, if we all get hyper sensitive to 15 minutes of lateness, are we not going to architect ourselves a situation where all the agencies will turn our favourite ladies into clock watchers?

    I agree that a bit more proffesionalism is required to ensure a postive experience for everyone. It would certainly be nice is all agencies planned for some extra time between apointments to allow for slight time overages and traffic (especially on hockey nights).
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