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Thread: St. John's

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    St. John's

    Any suggestions in Newfoundland? Going to have a night for the sights and would appreciate any suggestions.

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    No But....?

    I don't have any info for NFLD for you but I I am rather curious how you made out in Saint John NB ...did you ever get there?


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    Got to Moncton and didn't get anywhere unfortunately. Have a feeling the same will happen on the rock.

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    In St John's; I think it is St George Street that is lined both sides with pub's bars, and strip joints Not exactly what your looking for but heck it is a night out

    If your a bit more adventuresome and can stand a the type of establishment where you want your chair against a wall ask a taxi driver to take you to the Pickadilly

    Ant there is always the Yellow pages


    Happy hunting

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