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Thread: Value Priced Hotel Stays

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    Value Priced Hotel Stays

    Hello All,

    Does anyone know of what would be the best hotel/motel for a value priced stay? I know I can get a night at the Taj Mahal for just under a hundred dollars, but I'm looking for something a bit less, say 60 or 70 dollars/night with tax. I would not be averse to having to stay off island (i.e. in Laval or South Shore).

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    Value Priced Hotel Stays

    Do a search on this board for Priceline for instructions and look at the bidding advice. You can get the Delta Montreal, Hyatt, Omni all at about $70 US.

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    What about on weekend like this one when the jazz festival is on. Priceline is pretty much blacked out. There must be a second alternative to these bidding sites.

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