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Thread: Off the wagon thoughts...

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    Wink Off the wagon thoughts...

    In order not to diverge from my review thread, I will answer Dee's following question here:

    Quote Originally Posted by Dee
    I appreciate that it is 100% your own business as to why you came back.

    I can say however (and seriously) I would be most interested in any comments you make in this regard and what you now think about some of the points you made while you were off the wagon and how you feel about them now.

    I don't say that to be provocative. As a man (myself) whose record for keeping a resolution is about 30 seconds I can't criticize, but I am curious.

    I know a two word answer to the first question could be: Eurika, Marika!
    I still espouse all the points I made while I was ''off the wagon''. There is no doubt in my mind that the real deal kills a life of endless hobbying. But my weakness for beautiful ladies took the best of me and I snapped.

    I do not have the same mentality that I use to. I can't knowing what I know, including the very real potentially devastating effects of addiction to hobbying.

    All this to say that I am back for now and I might leave in a flash if I feel it is the appropriate thing to do. When that time comes, I promise not to announce it.

    P.S. it was more like ''Eureka Marikas''. (Asservissante and XXXtase)


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    Hey GG !

    You snapped. You cracked. You caved in.
    Timing is good.
    I plan on cracking next week ! (LOL).

    But I kept sober longer than you.
    Does that mean I'll explode with a bigger bang ?

    Nice to have you back.


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    re: Off the wagon thoughts

    Beautydigger: you have just returned from being banned and you are already trying to start another fight. This was your only free pass. Post another insult or attempt to flame and you will gone for a much longer time. This is your one and only warning.

    Mod 8
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    Quote Originally Posted by beautydigger
    I believe there should be some sort of punishment for you. How about a rendezvous with Élizabeth with full review?
    That is not a punishment and I resent your insult. How about you rinse your hands in water and stick them in a socket. I'll take Liz any day.


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