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Thread: Gotta try "arrangements" guys...

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    Talking Gotta try "arrangements" guys...

    I'm new to this, but so far have been verrrrrry pleased.

    There are a couple of websites that offer "arrangements", or "sugar dady" type relationships with a girl. In a nutshell, you agree on a regular income for the lady, she becomes your gf for an agreed upon amount of time. Or at least, this is the way it worked for me.

    Plenty of girls to choose from in Mtl. Mostly willing to please. You treat them well, they will treat you well.

    Typical date: you go out with your Sugar Baby, to a restaurant/lounge, whatever you feel like, spend a couple of hours. Then bring her back home/hotel, for a relaxing time including FS. I've met four girls that way, still am dating two concurently. No jealousy, no games, just plain fun. Sex is very gf-like: intimate, sensual, no restrictions, but also very open and hot at the same time (she knows somehow she receives money for this, even though she refuses to be considered as an escort).

    Damages: about $300/date, for a no clock watching date (generally 6-8 hours). Downside: you do need to demonstrate appropriate social behaviours with a girl. If you're a total jerk, she probably will treat you as such.

    My two Sugar Babies are early 20s, verrrry pretty gals, funny and eager to please. One of them is bisexual and is willing to experiment.

    Worth trying guys!
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    Some of you are writing me to know which web-site I'm talking about. There are several and I do not want to endorse any particular one. However, the one I've been using with success myself is

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    Quote Originally Posted by lagaffe
    Damages: about $300/date, for a no clock watching date (generally 6-8 hours).
    Thanks for the post but I'm having difficulties understanding why doesn't she just become a SP? Is it in hopes of finding a permanent SD?

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    You are my hero! and to answer the above question, maybe she doesn't want to do 6 men in 6 hours instead of one. it's also a psychological thing.

    U'll never believe who i found on this no other than sylvia vixen herself asking for 1-3000 per month......
    but i suspect many many fake profiles on this site.
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    Quote Originally Posted by robertpal
    U'll never believe who i found on this no other than sylvia vixen herself asking for 1-3000 per month......
    besides Sylvia Vixen, I also saw Sasha Franco from FKS and a few other sp's
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    or maybe i do! but my dispensible cash is some would say my allowance is only so high!

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    hey man i am all for that.....

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    Must confess that I find this site quite interesting. I've got some questions, though. From what you say, my sense is that you've arranged some one-night stands, though it doesn't appear that most of the women on the site are looking for such.

    I've got a hankering to go back to Europe and, between girlfriends at the moment, have no one to go with. A site like this looks to be a great place to find someone to join me. Hmmm...
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