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Thread: The Joe.T World Series Special Edition

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    The Joe.T World Series Special Edition

    Just a poll here folks. Let's keep the comments in the other thread, the Joe.T Memorial Fuck the Yankees thread, which is still in the lounge.
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    I don't approve of this thread. We should keep the whole 2007 thread including the WS together.

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    Chalk me up for the exact opposite of whatever Joe T. says. (After all, that's how I made my first million.)

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    Quote Originally Posted by DoingittoDeath
    The options are rather prejudiced, too, don't ya think?
    Absolutely! After all, I don't see the "Bud Selig calls Game 7 a tie, declares the Red Sox and Rockies co-champions, announces that he's scrapping the All-Star-Game-determines-WS-home-field-advantage plan for something that makes even more sense (like, say, giving home field to the team that has the highest jersey sales), and declares that everyone is happy, no, dammit, everyone IS happy" option.
    Man, you gotta Go.

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