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Thread: Annabelle - All the best / Tout les meilleurs

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    Smile Annabelle - All the best / Tout les meilleurs

    Sorry for the duplicate post. I just remembered that only escorts and agencies are allowed to post in their own forums. So I have reposted my best wishes to Annabelle and her new journey here. Mods, if you permit my original post under her thread, you can remove this post. Thank you Redstorm


    As a founding member and Co-President of your fan club and one of your biggest fans I want to wish you all the best to your new endeavours.

    Ever since our first meeting together, you have always brought me great joy and happiness. Each time we see oneanother gets better and better.

    Your new website, like you is amazing. Your photos are just right to show off your beauty and charm. I love the poses and especially the model.

    I hope to experience the true beauty you are when I return to Montreal.
    Hopefully very soon.

    I know everything you do will be a success and again, all my well wishes.

    A French version will follow. I know it will not express what I wrote in English, I'm still learning and trying.


    P.S. Someone very nice pointed out I need more French lessons. It should be tout le meilleur. I guess I need to see my favourite French tutor with Blonde hair sooner than later .
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    Je suis ravi que tu as FINALEMENT decidee de travailler a ton compte, Annabelle. Je te souhaite bonne chance et bravo!

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    Annabelle, je suis certain que tu vas t'épanouir à travailler à ton compte et que tu seras nous éblouir...

    Au plaisir de te revoir bientôt.

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    Redstorm...I added Annabelle's name to the title of the thread so people will know where to post their congratulations for her.


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