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Thread: Toronto: friendly fire or enemy camp?

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    Toronto: friendly fire or enemy camp?

    Fear not, I can and will do all appropriate research, but i just found out that a friend and I may spend a few days in Toronto and I'm jumping the gun and hoping someone can set me straight--the inside dope--the bottom line, etc. I've greatly enjoyed the Montreal scene and the MERB community; although most of my hobbying has been in major US cities, the availability of excellent girls combined with the price and cultural tolerance in Montreal is hard to beat. Doing a quick glance at some of the Toronto agencies, it looks like the cost is higher (though still lower than Vegas, NY, etc) and the availability maybe a bit less enticing. What are the major differences? Is Toronto a good scene to explore? Any advice? I did do an outcall once there about ten years ago, near the airport, but that's that. Any general thoughts are welcome... We could still choose another city... (We've "done" montreal and my friend, who lives in the midwest, wants to explore other areas.) And in the meantime I'll do my homework; I've already registered for TERB, etc...

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    Unhappy massage in ontario

    Quote Originally Posted by Karma
    With the prices going down, and the low season approching in MTL, you can find many French Canadian girls in Toronto - just do a search on T***.ca

    hi i was in Ajax,ontario 2 weeks ago and the only massage going on ,were in therapy center ,really no action

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    If you're looking for GFE from anglo-Canadian girls, you won't find it. Maybe with some of the indys of which there are more in Toronto than Montreal. But the indys in Toronto charge almost as much as the US, sometimes more.

    It seems that GFE is possible, perhaps with the Russian/EE agencies, but you take your risks with language barrier and rip-offs.

    There are more more incalls in Toronto, and there are more MPs. These would be illegal (bawdy house), and I'd steer clear of them if I were you. Cops in Ontario bust often.

    IMO, I would stick with Montreal or go to Europe.
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    Thanks guys. Sounds like a mixed bag, at best. I've really come to appreciate Montreal for this kind of fling (which can be done last minute and without a lot of LE anxiety), so maybe I'll try to talk him into coming back to M. By the way, I know Amsterdam pretty well; Montreal kicks its butt...

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