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    St Donat

    Does anyone know of anything even remotely sexy at St Donat, a small town about an hour and a half north of Montreal. Escorts, strip clubs, massage parlours, swingers clubs... anything! There used to be the Au Double Sens swingers club, but that moved away long ago. Most of the women I've seen in the village are of retirement age and I am getting a bit frustrated if you know what I mean. Any help much appreciated.

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    I'd say there's probably a few young cows who wouldn't mind your attention!

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    Quote Originally Posted by metoo4
    I`d say there`s probably a few young cows who wouldn`t mind your attention!
    LOL...That`s it bessy, no bessy no CBJ I want it . Oh Bessy you`re the best GFE I`ve ever had. Bessy Bessy`re a dirty little cow aren`t you

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