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Thread: hotel with jacuzzi

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    hotel with jacuzzi

    I am considering a hotel with jacuzzi. couple of questions.
    1) loews vogue rooms have jetted bathtub. are they good enuf to have fun with an sp . looking at the pics they dont look very big.
    2) whats the difference between the "large jacuzzi" and jacuzz on the chablis web site.

    what would senior members recomment. do the sp's have any issues visiting the chablis motel. do they charge anything extra for visiting this motel. since its about 15 minutes away from downtown.

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    Hotel Place d'Armes has very nice ones as well as the Nelligan is some of their suites.
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    I have never used Chablis, but from what I understood from SPs I have spoken to it is popular with hobbyists who live in Montreal. From what I understand, the rooms there are rented by the hour, so you may have to book an extra hour to accommodate the SP arriving late, which is a frequent occurrence in Montreal.

    With regards to the rooms and service provided, can't help you there. Little incentive for the people who don't live in Montreal to use that place.

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