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Is like a dentist working on your teeth -- either pulling or drilling -- without giving you an injection to freeze the area or giving you a prescription for painkillers. What I mean by the above, is that I've been trying to get an appointment for a month since the aborted appointment on her part; I even offered to pay for her cab fare from Dartmouth to my place to keep a later appointment. She returns emails days later, you have to call her friend Rayshell who is also an escort -- but is not currently working -- to get hold of Kayla, who never returns your phone call. She doesn't give you her number to contact her directly, which would be much better. I've emailed her, and given her both my numbers, but does she call to setup a time to come and see What's the point of working in the business if you're not going to give appointments. I'v e never been with a 19yr old before, I didn't have sex until I was 21, and I lost it to a rub&tug attendant who was in her 40s. She now knows where Lady Hammond Rd. is, which means she has a client -- or clients -- in my area, but I am still not one of my money no good?! I will keep trying to get an appointment with her, until I do this negative review of no service stands...I will change it to a positive review if and when I finally get to see her!

Here is another post I made, for reference purposes it can be found here:

In one of my replies, I suggested that escorts who have been in the business for a while should contact Kayla to give her information and how to treat clients & potential clients. She needs this info.

You can contact her at her email address, just click on the email address to email her, and use this as the subject line of your email email to her "We need to talk, from one escort to another":

[email protected]