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    Montreal Trip

    Taking a trip up to see a Hockey game at the Bell Center. Have a few questions. Staying at Marriott Chateau Champlain. 1) Not a big fan of using cabs ( bad accident a few years back in NYC ) is there a town car company that someone can suggest? Some say just use Aerobus and it will drop us off right in front of the hotel. 2) Is there a good bagel place near by ? Saw an interesting one on the Food Network but can't find the name. 3) What strip club would the best downtown to get laps? We always enjoy the Sundowner in the Falls. How far is Cafe Cleo from our hotel? 4) Are the blackjack rules at the casino the same as in Vegas? Thanks for your help. It is going to be fun going from 70 plus to below freezing.

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    Cabs? From Airport, yeah take the bus both reliable and cheaper. In the city? Never had an issue with safety - as unbelievable as that might sound - Montreal drivers/cabbies can keep up with NY'ers no issue, they just swear differently. Cabs tend to be smaller than in most cities. e.g. Jetta, even had a Corolla once. Subway (called Metro) is good for getting around too.

    Bagel place?
    Best place is not that close, St Viateur (if not best, certainly most famous), maybe 10$ by cab, 24 hr lineups. Closer? 10 -15 min walk to a small mall/complex, le Faubourg just west of Guy & St Catherine, bagel place in basement.
    Alternative? Your hotel is in the core, many office buildings, and there is a massive undergound complex of cafes, stores etc.....most cafes will also offer Montreal style bagels. Ask hotel staff, they will direct you.

    Laps? Again you will get some discussion here, but look for details on Cleo's here on MERB. 5-7$ cab ride from your hotel. Is sort of like Sundowner, but sleazier and much cheaper 10$/per. Other locations downtown vary for 15$ for same dance as Cleo's to eye-candy/air dances @ Chez Paris

    Casino? Sorry don't have a clue - don't gamble

    Weather? Bring a warm jacket, your uncle's thermal underwear, and buy a toque...if you do not know what that is, you will soon find out LOL. Just got off phone with uncle in south Texas - tells me it is 94F there. Bastard! Should be nice and cool for you in Montreal. Good luck.

    PM me if you want to know more
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    Bagels, who cares? Smoked meat!! Dunns and Swartz's

    Laps? Cleo's. Eye Candy but no laps.. Wandas

    Casino.. Same rules as Vegas, but don't expect a Vegas Casino. Much much different. Hard to explain. Lots of slots but fewer tables. Minimum bet is usually 10 or 15.

    I always use the bus from the airport. and you can get around downtown on the metro without using cabs if you want to.

    Escorts... you bet!! RTFF and have some serious fun.

    Post reviews, cheers Nacho
    If it flies, floats or fucks... It's cheaper to lease!

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    Nesposo- Thanks for the help. Yes St. Viateur is the one I was looking for. Will take the bus.
    Nacho- Smoked Meat ? Will have to check it out. No SP's since I will have my SO with me.
    Only in the 70's here hopefully it will warm up in Montreal.

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