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Thread: Highway Fun

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    Highway Fun

    Iíve been recently asked to handle the Toronto sales office as well as Montreal so it looks like Iíll be spending a lot of time traveling along the 40 and 401 between the two cities.

    Can anybody recommend some SPís or SCís along the way for some extracurricular activities? Besides Frontiere and Hilltop, that is. Preferably somewhere close to the highway. Thanks for any the advice.

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    The sentence structure was a bit lacking in the original query. What I meant to say was "some SPís or SCís along the way OTHER than Frontiere and Hilltop" ... I already know about those places.

    Hmmm ... a drive-through would be great though!

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    WTF Ö I`m just asking! There`s no need to bite my head off. There`s about 550 kilometers between Montreal and Toronto. I just thought there`d be more than the two (now three) places already mentioned.

    Why so antagonistic and irritable? I thought the purpose of this board was to disseminate data and reflect on various postings from other hobbyists? If Iím wrong Ė forgive me. I leave in peace.

    Maybe the folks at would be more supportive?

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    Apology accepted. Maybe a bit over-sensitive on my part. I don't get out much I guess. Actually Iím new to this board so I apologize for any undue ignorance in regards to the standards.

    The stretch of highway between Montreal and Toronto is well traveled so I thought thereíd be more activity than the few on the Quebec side. What I really wanted to do was to confirm (or deny) some accounts about SPís working along the 401 at a number of service centers and truck stops. Iíve read about this sort of thing happening on the 401 west of Toronto from postings (when it was up, that is). Is this just a tall tale or urban legend (like heterosexual glory holes)?

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