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Thread: Are we pushing out all the quality non-FS massage providers?

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    Are we pushing out all the quality non-FS massage providers?

    The massage providers are under pressure to provide more and more in the way of services because of increased competition and the fact that other MPs are offering much more. Are we pushing out all the quality massage providers by telling in great detail of what the competition is offering and also by telling of what they are offering in services? My observation is that the FS massage providers are mostly salons where a third party ( salon owner ) has facilitated the transaction by being the middle man by providing a venue for the masseuse and the client to meet and recieve the massage of sorts. Mostly these massesuse are from 18 to 30 years old and I can assume that the vast majority are there to make a quick buck and do not intend to stay in the business long. Very rarely do these girls offer a good quality of massage, what they offer is eye candy and FS activities.
    It is because they can jump in and out of the massage business by going from place to place when they need to make cash that you rarely see them at the same place for any length of time. The quality non full service massage providers have set up for the long term and because of pressure from the competition will provide some additional services but not full service. I have heard non-FS massage providers complain about recieving calls for FS or even from clients arriving for appointments expecting FS. This is a complete waste of time for the non-FS massage provider as well as disappointment for the client that does not recieve the FS that he was looking for. I for one enjoy non-FS massage places. Maybe it is time to have a non-FS section or at least to indicte in the post that a place is non-FS. Personaly I only visit FS massage places 2 or 3 times a year vs. 52 to 60 non-FS appontments to massage places per year. I am sure that many other members enjoy non-FS massage places.
    To start thing off a non-FS thread would also be useful for those who are looking for non-FS massage.
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