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    The Palin

    Hello all,

    What would the White House and the Presidency be like if it was Palin??? Just click wherever the cursor indicates. Inside the door changes with every click.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Korbel
    Hello all,

    What would the White House and the Presidency be like if it was Palin??? Just click wherever the cursor indicates. Inside the door changes with every click.


    Korbel......This had me howling with laughter!

    The little...."Oh Dear" was the cherry on top!! Great.

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    Oh I just love this one, thanks Korbel!

    I love thos "nu-ku-lar " codes!!

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    More Palin humor

    Thanks for re-bringing his to my attention, Korbel. I saw this last week and thought it was funny... and it will probably continue to be so since it is updated daily as 'current affairs' change! (I only noticed the note at the bottom now).

    More Palin humour:

    Palin says she considers herself intellectual: People magazine

    Wed Oct 22, 2:13 PM
    By The Associated Press

    NEW YORK - Does U.S. vice-presidential candidate Sarah Palin consider herself intellectual? You betcha!

    Although she didn't name a single newspaper or magazine when CBS News anchor Katie Couric asked where she got her information, Palin told People magazine she has always been a "voracious reader."

    She mentioned reading - anything from biographies to historical works - as one of her favourite things, along with her children and sports.

    Besides author Lawrence Wright's terrorism history, "The Looming Tower: Al-Qaeda and the Road to 9/11," Palin says she's been reading a lot of briefing papers.

    She says: "And you have to be up on not only current events, but you have to understand the foundation of the issues that you're working on."

    She says she appreciates a lot of information, as she grew up in a family of school teachers.

    Also, Palin says if she and husband Todd had had a sixth child, they have already picked a name for a boy joining siblings Track, Bristol, Willow, Piper and Trig.

    "I always wanted a son named Zamboni," she said.

    The magazine will be on newsstands on Friday.
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    Well nothing says "Hockey Mom" like having a child named Zamboni.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JustBob
    Well nothing says "Hockey Mom" like having a child named Zamboni.
    Hey JB,

    Bwahahahahahahahahahahahaha...I loved it. Good for you.


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    Las Vegas strippers aim for Sarah Pallin lookalike title

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    Palin stylist draws higher pay than policy adviser

    By JIM KUHNHENN, Associated Press Writer

    WASHINGTON – An acclaimed celebrity makeup artist for Republican vice presidential candidate Sarah Palinforeign policy adviser. Amy Strozzi, who works on the reality show "So You Think You Can Dance" and has been Palin's traveling stylist, was paid $22,800, according to campaign finance reports for the first two weeks in October. In contrast, McCain's foreign policy adviser, Randy Scheunemann, was paid $12,500, the report showed.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Doc Holliday
    Well Palin acts like the strippers at a FS club

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    A few quotes from this this New York Times article: Little-Noticed College Student to Star Politician

    “She wanted to include her Christian faith and her testimony in her school,” said the Rev. Paul Riley, her former pastor, “and then later in her work place.”

    Ms. Palin spoke often of her spirituality, jotting notes to fellow pageant contestants (“Please keep God No. 1. He’s got great things for you, baby”), offering to pray for a college friend who was torn between two men, and choosing as her yearbook message: “He is the Light, and in the Light there is life.”

    On her high school basketball team, teammates recalled, Ms. Palin prayed with them before games, and once took part in an ad-hoc church service on a particularly long ferry ride to a game.
    Talking about her 'style' as a basketball player:
    “She was kind of mean and clawing at them and stuff,” her father said.
    Friends say Ms. Palin’s itinerant college journey was nothing unusual, that it was routine for Alaskans without money to tour colleges in the Lower 48, uncertain about their interests and attracted to anywhere that sounded warmer. Many here ticked off their own tallies of colleges attended.

    “I went to 10,” said Mr. Heath, who added that he and his wife did not provide their children’s college tuitions; student loans did.

    Ms. Palin and several Wasilla girlfriends moved to the University of Hawaii in Hilo, but were quickly disappointed by endless rainstorms and left, family members said.
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    Ok this is not real but it would be so good if it would happen to her:

    watch until the end...

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    Palin Fears Media Threaten Her First Amendment Rights

    What a bimbo, she classifies and makes dubious associations but then accuses the media of threatening her First Amendment rights when they call her out on it . She either doesnt have a clue or is so right wing that she would have the media only print things she agrees with or both.
    She was born in the wrong time and place. Should have been born in Germany so she was an adult 1930-1945. She would fit in nicely.

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    Sarah Palin Will Never Be President -- Trust Me
    by Frank Schaeffer

    The small smear of red on the otherwise blue electoral map looks more like a minor bloodstain on a dirty Band-Aid than anything resembling a national political party. Who voted for McCain/Palin in bigger numbers than they even voted for Bush/Cheney? Only one shrinking group: uneducated white folks in the deep south and a few folks in Appalachia. Take away the white no-college-backwoods-and/or-southern McCain/Palin vote and the Republicans would have been approaching single digit electoral college oblivion.

    Sarah Palin will never hold national office nor will any Republican at the presidential level for a long time to come. Why? Because America has uneducated jerks in it but is not a nation of uneducated jerks. The Republicans are done, hoisted on the petard of their own "southern strategy."

    The Republican Party is only a step away from becoming the fringe of the fringe, identified more with cross-burning weirdoes wearing hoods, folks like the Alaska secessionist party, all those gun owners stocking up on assault weapons before the "Socialist/United Nations/Obama/Muslim" conspiracy comes to fruition, than with anything remotely like a serious national political force.

    The Republican Party--and I speak as a former lifelong Republican who, up through the 2000 primary campaign supported John McCain and even worked for him by arguing his case on various conservative and religious radio stations--is now the toy of the Rush Limbaugh windbags. These folks include outright crazies (such as Sarah Palin's Assemblies of God pals who are waiting for Spaceship Jesus to rescue them and/or rooting out "witches" from their midst), white racists and a few not-very-bright attention seekers, including Ann Coulter, Sean Hannity etc.

    Read their blogs! Listen to their talk radio! You'll be in the twilight zone of front page tabloid fantasy on a par with Bat Boy Attacks! headlines. Bill Buckley roll over.

    The Religious Right, the racists, the anti-gay hate-mongers are now not only marginalized but thoroughly out of step with even members of their own former constituency. For instance the Gordon College student newspaper (Gordon is an influential Evangelical College north of Boston) endorsed Obama this year. Many young evangelicals voted for the Democrats. James Dobson, Fox News, Limbaugh et al. were utterly powerless to do more than stir up hate. They are losing the next generation of their "base."

    Meanwhile many former Republicans--like me--ran to Obama as fast as our legs could carry us and away from our willfully "we're not an elite" moronic former party. Republican commentators such as David Brooks and George Will mourned the loss of the Republican center. Others noted the Republicans have become anti-intellectual. "Anti-intellectual?" They wish! How about simply anti-literate?

    Meanwhile the fringe of the fringe is holding meetings where they'll talk to themselves and look at the "facts" of their alternative universe in order to figure out "what went wrong." These are the same "leaders" (like William Kristal) who think Sarah Palin has a big political future!

    Sarah Palin will never be president because the right wing of the Republican Party has perfected the art of believing their own bullshit, starting with the idea that Palin has a future. Palin and her fans don't know it yet, but having reduced itself to a grim angry joke, the Republican Party has also divorced itself from American politics and, along with that dirty used Band-Aid, is destined for the garbage can.

    What's the best defense against the rube/Palin voters derailing the Republican Party forever? If the statistics of who voted for whom are correct, the education of white people in the deep South and their economic empowerment is the best answer. Maybe it will take a black Democratic president to figure out some affirmative action program that can get our southern born-again white underclass into colleges and thereby save the Republican party.

    Here's more proof why she will never be president:
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    Sarah Palin Pardons Turkey.....

    Quote Originally Posted by Agrippa
    Here's more proof why she will never be president:
    Poultry-pardoning Palin interviewed in front of turkey slaughter

    Quote Originally Posted by CBC
    One Alaska turkey was lucky Sarah Palin showed up on Thursday at the Triple D Farm & Hatchery outside Wasilla to issue a traditional Thanksgiving gubernatorial pardon.

    The other turkeys that happened to be behind the former Republican vice-presidential nominee during a subsequent television interview at the farm? Not so much.
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