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Thread: Hotel Reviews???

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    Hotel Reviews???

    Hey I just want to let the Merb community know that I like to see comments and reviews on hotels. Finding a really great hotel at a decent rate makes the trip.

    Where have you stayed lately? What did you like about it? SP friendly?

    I know there are alot of nicalls and home visits, but the traveling hobbyist needs to know about the latest and greatest hotels.

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    opus hotel

    i wrote about it in your embassy suite question

    number two on the list the W Hotel

    very sp friendly great food as far as mtl hotel's are concerned and a club

    the spa is hot too thursday at the club you may wanna have a few drinks before you make that call

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    If only I knew...
    CocaCola, there's a few threads on MERB about this. Why don't you do some searching on your own?

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    check Expedia after you do some research on Merb.
    Apparently rates are going down right now except the funky boutique hotels that do not need to lower their rates.
    Guillaume Le Conquerant, hedonist all the way.

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    Just wanted to get some fresh conversatin started and remind ppl to post about there hotel stays. Im sure many dont bother about as much as they dont bother actually posting a review.

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    If only I knew...
    But yacking for the fun of yacking, starting threads for the kick of it, what's the point? You want to shoot the breeze on hotels recomendation, show you did a bit of looking on your side by posting in the existing threads, simple.

    If you looked a bit, you'd know I usually stay at Residence Inn in Westmount and I already explained why so, why would I, or anybody else re-explain simply because you don't want to be bothered by searching?

    Also, as Guillaume said, on top of MERB, there's sites who specialized in hotel reviews. Usually in Google or Yahoo, entering the name of the hotel you're interested in in "" and following it by the word "review" will provide some good advice.

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    if you dont want to comment, then dont.

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    I have used the Econolodge at the airport twice and found it to be reasonable in price and SP friendly. Free breakfast and parking plus internet in lobby. Would recommend if you don't need luxury but just comfort for a good price.

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