during all year i read alot of reviews on merb but the one that i love the most
was hugo69(star on cl)

here it is:

Once again this morning I met Star after booking my appointment thru MSN. For those of you who have trouble contacting her, I have to say that I dont have any problems at all. Just go on line early in the morning around 8:30 - 9:00h and she usualy logs in at that time. She is very busy and sollicitated so please be patient and serious. If you are... you will be rewarded with a wounderfull experience.

So this morning as we had discussed over Msn in the past few days we meet at her place at 10:30 am. She greeted me at the door wearing only her birth suit and high heal shoes. She is realy a tease and a dirty girl to surprise me like that. But it sure put me in the mood right away as I kissed her and grabbed her ass right in the door way.

Again she offered something to drink as I got myself ready for a shower ( I like to start fresh and clean even if I usualy finish full of her love juices ). She waited for me on her bed as she was already horny as hell and eager for action. With all that eagerness, I never felt rushed or as with a lot of other girls, let get it over with as soon as possible...

We took time to kiss and probe each other`s body for at least 5 - 10 minutes ( she is a very good kisser ) before she attacked my cock with her skilled mouth. She really gave it a go with her mouth and tonge, licking it from balls to tip to balls again. She has experience and her DT is very good as she spitz on it and massage my ball in the process. What a great way to open the festivities. The BJ soon turned into a great 69 and this girl as a fantastic firm ass. I licked and succed her pussy lips and clit without forgetting her tasty ass hole. She`s so clean, smells good and taste aswome that I would have eaten her all day while she was ravaging my very hard cock.

She was now begging to be fucked, she wanted me up her ass as she so crudely said ( She like to talk dirty while she fucks and I love it to ). I was also ready for some serious fucking. She straddled me with her pussy for a nice cowgirl ride and later switched to reverse cowgirl. We went at it for a while but we both wanted my cock up her ass. So she positionned herself on all four as I again licked her ass hole and spitted on it to prepare my entry. I slid it in slowly but she was so wet and slippery that the hole thing disapered in her ass as se moaned and asked to be fucked hard and fast. I banged her wonderfull ass for a while before laying her on her side so I could make eye contac as I ponded her ass again.

In the next half hour or so we switched position many time from mish to doggie to me eating her pussy madly. I attacked her pussy and ass with my mouth and finger as I had read that I she came hard enough she could squirt. My efforts where eventualy rewarded as she came in a great gush of pussy fluid flying all over my mouth and hands. Hummmmm good girl, I love to eat a squirting pussy.

But we where not done yet.... again she wanted her ass pounded. So being the gentlement that I am I spread her cheek and slipped it in for another round of great ass fucking. She likes it hard and I tried to keep pace as she was asking me to keep my load for her beautifull face. When I was getting weak and felt the time had come I removed the hat and she went at it again with her mouth sucking, spitting and licking the lenght of my shaft.
I was able to keep my head cool and control my urge to come. So when she saw that I was not ready to let her have it yet she wanted her ass fucked again.

Now this girl is an insatiable ass fuching machine...... horny, dirty but so lovable that again I went at her driping hole with a vengence but now I also wanted relief and I wanted to plastered that beautifull face with my hot cum.

As she was already on her back, I positionned myself over her as I straddeled her face with my cock down her troath. This time I was not able to hold back any more, her mouth as so slippery and her caress so intense that I warned her of an incomming storm of hot semen ( I much prefer one powerfull orgasm and huge load of cum than two or three small one). I came and came and came again all over the face, hair, neck and breast. What a load.... splatered all over her wonderfull face and body. She even seems to enjoy it as I rubbed my come covered dick all over her face.

She got up for a quick clean up while I hopped in the shower to cool down. What a ride again and what a sweet girl.

She is not a clock watcher and she is not rushing anything ( unless you want to rush ! ). Again I felt like a lover and not just like another client passing by.

Star, you`re an angel in the sky ( a fucking dirty one I might add ) you`re a sweet girl, you`re an intelligent and refined person but most of all, you`re a fantastic fuck. you will see me again and again and again and again......


After that guys do you realy need any numbers !!!! Make sure you treat her nice you bunch of pigs


hugo69 definitly deserve a crown for his outstanding review.