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Thread: Looking for SP advice

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    Looking for SP advice

    I'm coming to Montreal from Winnipeg to meet some girls, probably staying at an upscale hotel in Old Montreal. Would love to meet pretty SPs and take them out to dinner. Maybe a classical concert at Place des Arts. Old-fashioned romance, you know what I mean? Flirting is important. I'm not interested in "just" sex. The tease. Not too young, maybe 24-30 yrs old. I've never done this before. Anyone have advice for me? It seems if there's any place on earth to fulfill such a fantasy, its got to be Montreal.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Stanfield
    I`ve never done this before. Anyone have advice for me?
    My advice... read this thread, and this one, before you do anything else.

    Tony, is that you?
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