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Thread: Want to convert vhs to dvd

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    Want to convert vhs to dvd

    I have a few vhs tapes that I would really like to put on dvd disc's. If anyone can point me in the right direction it would be appreciated.


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    Watch out with incompatible DVD standards. Soem DVD's that were writtin with one given standard might not play with another. DVD is one technology that has not reached consensus yet.

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    I can probably help you with the project. I have equipment that does quite a nice job.


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    Other possible options

    My Sony camcorder has a pass-thru function where you hook up the vcr on 1 end to the camcorder and a firewire connector from the camcorder to your computer. All you need is a big harddrive, a capture software (you can download trial version of Nero burning rom) to convert your analog to digital avi file.

    You need to then convert your avi file to mpeg-2 format, see more info on The site includes links to freeware tools you need.

    If you haven't yet bot your dvd burner, check out the new dual layer 1s, the cheapest 1 I found < $100, the price has dropped ridiculously low, as a comparison, I paid 2x as much for a 4x single layer 1 year ago. The dual layer media is a bit pricey, I think is about $2 each disk for pack of 100, make sure the media plays on your brand of dvd player. You get about 8.x Gb of data per dual layer disk.


    PS: here is the link of the cheapest dual layer dvd burner I found:

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    I was at Costco today, noticed they have a device for $100.00.

    It has video inputs including SVHS, AND A USB wire to connect to your USB port.

    It comes with the software and instuctions, it is designed to do exactly what you need.

    PS. Sorry forgot to mention the website for this device is
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    Big Thank You

    Just Wanted to say a big thank you to all the great advice given. I am going to take Mr. Ned up on his offer, being that I am a lazy bastard and reading EGB and Bruce's post left me with a blank stare on my face. It was like being in a conversation that you have no business being in. While the person is speaking to you, you just nod your head and occasionally reply "yes".."ok"..."really..interesting".."wow, I didn't know that" and pray the person does not ask you a

    The content of the tapes are quite tame, even though I have always wanted to tape myself in action (maybe when I am in better shape) with one or two sp's. It would be nice instead of going to the local XXX video store to pop in video of me and enjoy the moment all over again...even be able to critique myself. Actually the content of the tapes are some football games, my graduation plus some footage of me in performance arts in school. Very funny stuff seeing me doing some artistic dancing (if you can call it that). Hell I might even bring it to thge next merb get together, some of the funiest material you will ever see. Although I was good at lifting the girl above my head part.

    Thank You

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