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Thread: Retiring young ... GOODBYE!

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    Retiring young ... GOODBYE!

    Well, My life has recently taken a wonderful course and I am now retiring from the biz after seven years.

    I am now starting my courses that I have been planning on for a while and have a wonderful career opportunity in my near future!

    This being said, I am permanently cancelling all appointments (sorry if this is last minute)

    I appreciate all of the wonderful people that I have met, and wish everyone good luck in their lives and dreams.

    I have already taken down my site, and any ads that I could find, If anyone knows of something I may have missed please let me know. I will be disabling my PM function in 1 week.

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    Smile Best wishes

    Sorry to see you go Tracy. I have always enjoyed your contributions here. All the best in your plans for the future.

    Confucius say: Man who take woman into house on side of hill - not on level.

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    even tho we never met, GOOD LUCK! ...... heres wishing you the best and even more Happiness!

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    Hi Tracy

    Best of luck in your studies and life, happy to see everything is going great

    for you. You were a valuable asset to Merb and you will be missed.

    Take care

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    Best of luck to you, Tracy, in all you do.
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    Tracy, ma belle...

    I am wishing you the best, I really do... I am hoping that you took all the precautions to succeed with your plans...( $$$.....)

    I like someone who is never give up like you do in your life, you do always want to improve yours... You're fantastic girl...!!! I am truly beleiving that you have all you need to succeed inside of you...

    Lâche-pas ma belle...!!!!!

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    I never had the pleasures in meeting you, but I wish you all the best!!!! Take care and hopefully you'll be able to once in awhile drop us a line to let us know how everything is going...

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    best of luck Tracy! I always appreciated your input on these forums!

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    This might be a good time to retire, some are being forced out of the business because of the recession.

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    I wish you well, Tracy. I believe we only met once, socially. You seemed like a very nice person then & i'm certain you haven't changed a bit unless it's for the better. The best of luck & be well.....

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    Although I told you in person,
    I want to publicly declare that I will miss you as a duo partner but you will always be my friend!

    You have a great plan and as long as you stick to it I know things will work out great.

    They will forget what you said,
    they will forget what you did,
    but they will never forget the way you made them feel.

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    noone likes a quitter

    lawl just kidding

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    No Review Policy...

    As Tracy has requested a NRP this thread will soon be closed and removed from MERB. I will allow it to remain open until Sunday noon so that those who wish to say goodbye may do so.

    The thread will then be closed and will be removed later in the day.

    I am sure that I speak for all the moderators in wishing Tracy the best in her life and future endeavors.


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    Goodbye sweetie!

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