Hey everyone, I've got a trip to Montreal from out of province Mar 30-Apr 1. While there I plan to see a special Lady and MERB has been helpful in the selection.

However, my search for a hotel has been frustrating, partly I'm sure because I do not know the area. MERB thread on recommendations look a little dated and seem more about deals than location quality.

I'd certainly certainly appreciate some input for this visiting hobbyist. Here's my criteria:
- I will be flying into Trudeau Airport
- my business will be near boulevard Gouin Ouest and Boulevard Laurentien
- I would like to visit the Montreal Canadiens store at the Bell Centre to buy some things for my boys
- I will be getting a rental car at the airport
- reasonable rates of course, this is for my employer's expense
- comfortable quality and close to a nice restaurant to entertain a wonderful Montreal woman

I'm thinking a downtown hotel is best but what would be your recommendations for me? Merci beaucoup MERBites..