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    Has anyone ever try this with their wife or girlfriend? I've been dating this girl for 6 years. We are madly in love and very comfortable in our relationship. At the risk of sounding conceited we are both very attractive and in our late 20's. We have been discussing this fantasy for about 2 years now and I would like to get some input from the board. Should it be done with a couple who is married, dating, or other. What side effects has it brought on and so on.

    Thank you in advance.
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    I have done it with a friend

    We have been with married couples and just bf/gf couples

    I personally wouldnt do it with a gf or my wife, its not worth it for the trouble

    it may cause after, jealousy, insecurity,etc.

    Also depends what kind of swinging you want to do

    4some, swap couples, same rooms, diff rooms, etc.....
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    I can garantee that most people are just not able to deal with this. It's just not the way we are socialized. The truth is that we all aspire to what our society deams to be the ideal relationship, which is till death do us part. The fact is that most societies that aren't western do not apply such rules because they know that it's just not possible. At some point, given the opurtunity we (men and women) stray or want to stray. Since we believe in the whole till death do us part thing, swinging is just impossible. The fact is that honesty is overated, if u want to do another woman, just do it and don't tell her, trust me, it's a whole lot easier that way. Of course if your or her thing thing is voyarism, well that's a whole other story.

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    The fact that you sAY "we are madly in love" tells me that you are a bit flaky for two reasons. One because you say "madly" and two you bring your woman into this madly by saying "we" as if you are qualified to gauge her love.
    Plus all your window dressing about being good looking. Most guys think they are good looking and flaky guys tell other how good looking and great their wife or gf is.
    This is whoring around site.

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    I have been married for 20+ years, we have been swinging for the last 7 or 8 years. Overall, I think it has been worthwhile, and improved our relationship. And it is fun, the net result is you fuck an attractive woman who is not your wife. But it is not for everyone, if either of you get jealous, don't do it. You have to make sure you communicate effectively. If you say you are madly in love, you may not be mature enough yet.

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