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Thread: Videotron billing

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    Videotron billing

    Is is just me, or do other people find videotron billing atrocious

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    I hate their rule that if you dont have a cable tv sub they charge you 10$

    extra on your net bill each month.

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    Videotron is BY FAR the worst. Do they still even offer their joke of a phone service? I hate Bell and Rogers is terrible too but Videotron makes them both look good. I would not touch one Videotron product or service for the rest of my life, even if it was free.


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    I am with Bell when it comes to cable and phone, but i regret it a lot to have take them(got into a damn 2 year contract without even knowing it)

    I lived with my mom a year ago, so when i moved to this appartement(my first one) i called to have a telephone line, i needed it for my internet that i wanted to keep.

    I planned on getting cable by i was not set up on what compagny, and i didn't planned to put cable on before september since in the summer, i don't watch tv much.

    I call bell and take the phone line, guy on the phone say he could get me a promotion, would not cost me more than 30$ a month for cable... so im like ok nice, my mother pay 40$ each month so its a good price.

    Then for the next 5 month my billing was a bitch to check, every month they charge me something, credit something, well during 5 months the bill kept on increasing every month until it fixed at 70$(for telephone and cable) so it was 50$ for cable... and i had what i considered the minimum, ztele, rds, ris, vrak, musique plus, what my mother had. So yeah i got screwed, so now since i can't cancel the contract whitout outrageous fees, i lowed my cable to minimum, cost me only 20$ a month but i have barely nothing...only base channel like tva and tqs and stuff like i hardly watch any tv, but if i had cancel it, that would had cost me 200$ so it was the same price to keep the cable at 20$ for another year... so well...

    I was planning on getting with videotron(cable only) cause they use a service of choosing the channels you want i think , wich would suit me more since i watch only the same 5-6 channel all the time.
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    As crappy as Videotron might be, Bell is even worse!!! They suck at Tech support and they love to overcharge you for stuff you never even asked for!

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    took 2 weeks having my cable fixed with bell, thec man comes only 2 days a week, and 2 times he didn't found the probleme, he did something but that didn't work... actually it worked when he left, but that was not permanent so he came back making the thing permanent but did something wrong, so it didn't work again, so he came back.... but well since that it always worked fine and they did credit me the days i didn't had least.
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    There is no doubt that all these companies are BAD. Bell, as much as I hate them, are much more proficient than Videotron when it comes to:

    - Tech support
    - Customer service (quality of phone reps, wait times, billing)
    - Actual quality of services provided
    - Conflict resolution and customer loyalty

    You will pay a little more for Bell but it is possible (given, with a lot of work) to get almost every problem fixed. Videotron will hang your ass out to dry every time.

    When you break a contract with Bell they bend over backwards to get you back (trust me). When you break a contract with Videotron they try to intimitade, harrass and threaten you with legal action. I'm sure this works on some people... A few years back, after getting a demand letter, I paid their hack collections lawyer a visit in person and showed him my 80 page dossier documenting every interaction I had with Videotron and business losses I had suffered as a consequence. Told him that I was transferring the dossier to my lawyer and that he could contact her if he still wanted to pursue me, and that we would not hesitate to sue his client if he did.

    Never heard from him again. What a surprise.


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    I use to have Videotron internet service, I can never get a straight answer from these people about the bills they sent to me. I have sympatico now, and the way you get answers from these people is to go up the ladder and demand to talk with the supervisors. I even suspect the first one or two layers of manangement you get through is not even the real supervisors. When you take up their time you get answers fast.

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    I'd love to get rid of videotron internet but they are faster than belll

    who else is there left?

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    Yes, I did cancel with videotron also..coz interent was expensive..Bell has now offer with trio , you pay interent 25 $ instead of 50 for the first year
    when i called to cancel with videotron, they were very rude and i felt i did the right thing coz customer service wise , they treat us as millking cows

    Anyhow, they are all bad...but the competition is good for us as it drive price down and improve product.....I would switchagain to videotron if they
    offer promotion. ...they take us for granted and beleive we have sheeps with no choice or will to change ....

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    Videotron also takes into account that if you leave them then their modem is

    useless and waste of $ when you had to buy it.

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    why is their modem useless..I have to return to them or else they will charge me...
    as for the TV receptor is waist for me..but I would get one for free if i have bundles from Bell..the simple one offcourse

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    Thats weird.... I'm with videotron since many years and I NEVER had any problems with them. I have the "3 on 1" option. Internet, phone and cable tv on the same facture. My bills was never fucked up... except 1 times, they overcharged me for about 50$. I told them that there is a mistake on the facture and they corrected it. I got a refund of 50$ on the next facture....

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    I never had problems with Bell's service, it's the customer support, billing, helpdesk and everything else that sucks!

    The bandwith difference between ADSL (Bell and such) and Vidéotron is about 1Mb. 6 with Bell, if I recall and 7 for Vidéotron. Not much difference. My internet is ADSL from a small Montréal Independent company and I pay less than Bell for the same speed, WITHOUT extra fees when I download a lot. If I ever go over 100Gb on a 30 day period, I will be switched to a lower priority server automatically, that's it! If the following day, I'm below the 100Gb limit/30 days, I'm back normal since it's a floating 30 days.

    Soon, I'll transfer my home phone to them also and I'll kick Expressvu out, maybe to go with Shaw Satellite (previously known as Starchoice). Vidéotron is interesting for TV but I'm allergic to Péladeau so, it's tempting to go elsewhere.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ben Dover
    Videotron is BY FAR the worst. Do they still even offer their joke of a phone service? I hate Bell and Rogers is terrible too but Videotron makes them both look good. I would not touch one Videotron product or service for the rest of my life, even if it was free.

    Quote Originally Posted by daddyxxx

    they still have their phone service. What they do now is put locks on the cables so you can't move your modem. They will stick it at the nearest point of entry so people are getting them in great places like kitchen counters or dining room floors (just buy a little table is what one person was told). They charge $70/hr for a tech but the cocksuckers can't fish a wire(one guy told me they are not allowed) so there is coax along your walls and if you have an island entertainment center they won't get the wire to it. At $70/hr I expect a trained professional to be working not an assclown with a test light stapler and cutters.
    Unditto for me. I loves me some Videotron service. I left Bell after they refused to upgrade my long distance service mid-"billing cycle" and I incurred a $500 bill as a result.

    Videotron? Sure they have lame subcontractor installers. A friend has a problem with where they left her cable, I called yesterday, they will be there Sunday to fix it. Free of charge. During moving season. Sounds like no problem to me.

    Ultra Internet service is technically and in practice far far faster than Bell ADSL.

    Anyway, all this, both positive and negative is anecdotal, it would take a much bigger sample size to be able to really assess them properly.

    And if you think we got it bad up here, google comcast + customer service, or try the new york times website for the story they ran on the comcast CEO a few months ago, Sunday magazine, i believe.
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