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Thread: rental car across the border?

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    Question rental car across the border?

    Anyone have any experience or information on either renting a car in montreal and dropping it off somewhere in the states...or vice versa? Is it possible? How much extra might they ding you for? Any problems driving a rental car across the border? I know in germany you can rent from most rental places at say frankfurt and drop the car off in dusseldorf for only a couple of bucks more than returning it to the original rental location.

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    Easily done. It is a question of dollars . Looke at or

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    Just did that...32 bucks a day if you stay local...200 if you drop it off up north. trying to think of options where I could do a stopover in montreal and then head to germany.

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    I did that once last year when I had to leave my car for two weeks just north of Boston. I went to Hertz and rented a car which I dropped off at the Quebec City airport. At the Canadian border all they asked was to see my rental contract.

    Two weeks later when I needed to go back and pick up my car I called a Hertz location at a nearby hotel and asked if they had any US cars that needed to be returned. They asked where I was going and because it was far enough they said yes and even cut me a deal at half price without me even asking. Again at the US border all they asked to see was my contract.

    Lastly, I'd say the best thing to do is call the rental companies that are located at your local airport since most foreign cars tend to be dropped off there by customers who are catching a flight out.
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    The Avis's located in the Maine airports will not allow you to drop in QC or Montreal. Also, I could not get Avis in QC to allow me to drop im Montreal. Huge charge. Hertz in Portland and Bangor would allow for a drop in Montreal.

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    For Canadians doing the opposite, just remember to have good coverage (above the allowed CDN minimum) if you are driving a rental or any vehicle into the US due to the much higher payouts.

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    National Rent-a-Car

    I have done a one-way rental crossing the border originating the rental in both US and in Canada. Not all car rental companies allow offer it, but I know that National does for sure. Was able to pick-up a car at the National location on Rue Stanley, few doors down from Chez Paree. Have to point out those landmarks.

    I would elect for the optional insurance for full coverage just to save yourself the potential headache of dealing with an insurance company across the border. Have done it (for my own car, not a rental) and it's a major pain in the ass.

    I think the only limitation was that if you had a US drivers license, you had to have a rental with a US plate, and vice versa.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Roadtripr View Post

    I think the only limitation was that if you had a US drivers license, you had to have a rental with a US plate, and vice versa.

    Interesting...Are you talking about renting in Canada and dropping in the US? I know I dropped a car with a US plate that I picked up in Maine in Canada. Is this new?

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    It was several years ago. Definitly could be wrong about it.

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